iCandy Peach 7 Pram Review

In this review, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the key features and performance of the Peach 7 after thoroughly testing it firsthand.
icandy peach 7 pram review
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Quick verdict

The iCandy Peach 7 is a versatile luxury pram suited to growing families. With a spacious carrycot and seat, integrated ride-on board, and car seat compatibility, this pushchair adapts as your child develops from newborn through the toddler years. The sleek styling and refined finishes justify the premium price tag. Manoeuvrability excels thanks to the suspension, swivel wheels, and adjustable handlebar. While expensive, the Peach 7's versatility, durability and longevity help warrant the investment for parents seeking functional elegance.

For those considering the iCandy Peach 7, keep in mind that this pram prioritises versatile modes, longevity and luxe styling over lightness. The aluminium frame and abundance of features make it heavier than more stripped-down strollers. But the quality materials and construction mean this is built to last across multiple children. For parents seeking robust engineering paired with refined aesthetics, the Peach 7 deserves strong consideration

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The iCandy Peach 7 is the latest model of the popular Peach pushchair line from premium British brand iCandy. Packed with useful features and versatile modes, this pram aims to meet the needs of parents seeking comfort, convenience, and longevity.

In this review, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the key features and performance of the Peach 7 after thoroughly testing it firsthand.

Before we get into the details let’s give you our overall verdict on the iCandy Peach 7 Pram

The iCandy Peach 7 is a luxurious, versatile pram that grows with your family. Its sleek styling, easy manoeuvrability and flexible configurations make it a functional choice for modern parents. While expensive, its quality construction and longevity help justify the investment.

Who is the iCandy Peach 7 Pram Suitable For?

The Peach 7 is ideal for growing families seeking a pram from birth to toddlerhood. Its spacious carrycot and seat unit accommodate babies and children up to 25kg. The integrated ride-on board also suits those with toddler siblings. Its luxe styling appeals to fashion-conscious parents wanting an elevated look.


The Peach 7 chassis is constructed from lightweight aluminium with a polished chrome finish that looks sleek and modern. The rounded tubing and upgraded aesthetics give it a more refined appearance compared to previous Peach models.

During testing we found the chassis to feel sturdy and robust while still being relatively lightweight at 12.9kg. It handled well on uneven terrain and rolled smoothly thanks to the all-round suspension. Manoeuvrability was excellent one-handed on flat surfaces.

The new ergonomic handlebar shape provides increased hand space and is comfortable to grip over extended periods. The leatherette covering adds a touch of luxury. Adjusting the height is straightforward using the trigger release to telescope the handle from 95cm to 105cm to accommodate parents of different heights.

Wheels and Storage

The Peach 7 features large 25cm diameter rear wheels and slightly smaller 17cm front wheels. The rear wheels have foam-filled tires that contribute to a smoother ride, while the front wheels are made from durable polyurethane with molded treads that prevent punctures.

Together these provide stability and shock absorption over uneven ground like grass, gravel and cracks in the pavement. During testing we felt fully confident navigating trickier terrain without discomfort to our little passenger.

Underneath is an extra-large 44L capacity basket that can hold up to 10kg of items. We were able to fit a week's worth of groceries with room left over. The higher seat position means accessing the basket is convenient. Using the included elevators raises the seat further off the basket making it even easier to get into.

Seating Options

The Peach 7 can be used from birth with the generous carrycot suitable for babies up to 9kg. It provides a cozy cocoon-like environment for infants with its zipped-on padded apron, ventilated mattress and extendable canopy. The durable Oxford fabric lining can be removed and machine washed.

As baby grows, switching to the seat is simple - no need for new parts, it uses the same frame. The seat itself is roomy and designed for comfort with deeper sides than previous models and a seat back extended by 2cm. Plush padding and jersey knit fabric add softness while the adjustable calf rest and multi-recline positions support napping on-the-go.

Parents will appreciate the easy-slide harness that grows with baby. Just slide up the head cushion to change height. The total weight capacity is a generous 25kg meaning longevity through the toddler years.

The Peach 7 Car Seat

A major benefit of the Peach 7 is its compatibility with a wide range of infant car seats when using the adaptors included with purchase. It works well with Brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Joie and more.

This allows seamless transition from car to pram without needing to disturb or move baby - simply click the car seat onto the chassis. For parents constantly on-the-go this is an invaluable convenience that minimizes disruption to baby's routine and sleep.


  • Weight: 12.9kg - Relatively lightweight considering the size and features. Easy to lift and carry using the strap
  • Folded size: L70 x W61 x H29cm. Compact fold makes storage and transport easy. Fits in most car boots
  • Handle height: 95-105cm. Adjusts to suit parents of different heights. Provides a comfortable pushing position
  • Wheel size: 25cm rear, 17cm front. Large rear wheels smooth the ride over bumps. Never-flatten front wheels mean no punctures

The medium weight and compact fold make the Peach 7 suitable for popping into car boots. The two-part fold means it takes up a bit more space than single fold strollers but is manageable. The standing fold and carry strap assist with handling.


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Parents will appreciate the adjustability features tailored for both caregiver and passenger comfort. The telescoping handlebar easily alters height for pushing ergonomics. Being able to recline the seat in multiple positions lets baby relax fully or sit more upright as desired.

The sizable canopy with pop-out visor provides customizable coverage and ventilation. When more stability is needed, such as on rough terrain, the front wheel buttons can be locked to keep them facing forward. The various configurations and elevators allow it to adapt as families grow.

Safety Features

Safety is always a top priority for parents, and the Peach 7 delivers reassuring security. The 5-point harness keeps little ones snugly in place, and is easy to do up with one hand by fastening the buckle between the legs. Shoulder and crotch pads prevent rubbing and discomfort.

Larger 25cm rear wheels paired with a stiffer suspension system provide stability and control for a smooth, steady ride even over bumpy ground. Front wheels can be locked forward-facing for added peace of mind when navigating trickier terrain like grass and uneven pavements.

The water-resistant canopy offers SPF50+ UV protection to shield delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays. When extended, we measured the canopy at over 75cm long, providing exceptional coverage. The pop-out visor adds further shielding for the face and eyes.

What car seats are compatible with the Peach 7?

The Peach 7 is designed to integrate with a wide range of popular infant car seats when using the car seat adaptors included with purchase. This allows it to be used as a convenient travel system.

According to the manufacturer, compatible car seat brands include Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Joie, Nuna, Silver Cross and more. Having the right adaptors means you can easily click the car seat onto the chassis for seamless transfers, without disturbing your sleeping baby.

Before purchasing, we recommend checking the most current compatibility list on iCandy's website to ensure your chosen car seat will fit.

Overnight Sleeping and Travel

The iCandy Peach 7 pushchair offers great convenience for overnight trips away from home with your little one thanks to its generous carrycot. This provides a safe, cozy space for your baby to snooze in the pram both at home and on the go.

The carrycot has a durable, machine-washable liner and ventilated mattress to keep babies comfy. Its canopy with pop-out visor shields from light and sun while the padded apron cocoons them while sleeping. Recline options allow customised positions.

For overnight sleeping, the carrycot can be fully laid flat for the most restful position. The Peach 7 makes a useful alternative to lugging around a separate travel crib on trips. The chassis simply folds with the cot attached for easy transport in the car.

When paired with car seat adaptors, the Peach 7 transforms into a handy travel system letting you move your sleeping infant from car to pushchair without any disruptive transfers. This maintains peaceful overnight sleeping while on the move.

Accessories and Customisation

One of the standout features of the iCandy Peach 7 is the variety of accessories available allowing parents to customise their ideal pushchair. By mixing and matching add-ons, you can tailor the experience for your family's needs.

For hot summer days, attach a coordinating parasol to the chassis to provide UV protection and shade. The changing bag lets you tote all baby's essentials right on the handlebar. A soft fleece footmuff keeps little legs cozy in colder weather.

Other useful additions include a cup holder for your water bottle, a matching leatherette carrying strap, and an integrated ride-on board for older siblings.

With its range of accessories plus the luxury leatherette accents, the iCandy Peach 7 pushchair satisfies parents wanting to up the style ante while retaining functionality. Extras like elevators and a multi-position recline allow further adjustability.

Additional Features

Beyond the basics, the Peach 7 offers a range of extra features that enhance functionality for parents and comfort for children.

The built-in ride-on board integrated into the chassis means older kids can stand and hitch a ride when their legs get tired, without the need for attaching a separate board. This makes the pram narrower and more manoeuvrable.

Under the seat is a sizeable 44L basket that can hold heavy items like shopping bags or diaper bags up to 10kg. For convenience on-the-go, a handy zipped pocket stores essentials like phones, wallets and keys securely.

The extendable canopy, multi-position recline seat, and adjustable calf support allow customisation for baby's optimal comfort. Elevators raise the seat higher up for easier access to baby or to reach the basket.

Coordinating accessories like footmuffs, changing bags and parasols are available to create a complete travel system.

What colours does the Peach 7 come in?

The Peach 7 is available in 5 colours:

  • Light Grey (paired with grey/black woven textured fabric)
  • Truffle (rich chocolate brown with grey/cream woven fabric)
  • Moss Green (deep green with grey/white stripes)
  • Dark Grey (charcoal grey with black/grey tiny dot pattern)
  • Phantom (off-black with black/taupe tweed texture)

There is also a Black Special Edition with black chassis and fabrics for a sophisticated monochrome look.

Is the Peach 7 easy to set up?

Setting up the Peach 7 out of the box is quick and simple. The chassis comes pre-assembled so it's ready to use. All that's required is clicking the rear wheels into place on each side which takes just seconds.

We appreciated that no complicated construction or tools were required. Once the wheels were installed, the chassis was ready to roll making this a very user-friendly initial setup.

Is the Peach 7 easy to fold?

Yes, we found the folding mechanism on the Peach 7 very straightforward. There are just a few steps:

First, remove the seat unit or carrycot from the chassis. This takes seconds - simply squeeze the side buttons and lift.

Next, ensure the front wheels are unlocked and able to swivel.

Standing behind the pushchair, use one hand to squeeze the grey trigger button in the handle center while using the other hand to push the handlebar down towards the floor.

The chassis will fold in on itself. Finally, grab the carry strap in the middle of the basket and lift up to engage the fold lock.

When locked, the pram stands freely making storage a breeze. Overall, a simple fuss-free process.

Is the Peach 7 lightweight?

The Peach 7 weighs 12.9kg. While not the most ultra-lightweight pram available, we found this relatively light given its sizable wheel size, padded seat, durable aluminium frame and abundance of features.

It's comparable to other premium prams like the Cybex Priam at 12.6kg and doesn't feel overly heavy. We could lift and carry the chassis reasonably comfortably using the integrated carry strap. When folded, it's easy to pick up and transport.

Is the Peach 7 worth it?

With a price tag of £1099, the Peach 7 is certainly an investment. However, the price can be justified based on the build quality, luxury materials, longevity and versatility this pram offers.

It can truly grow with your family, spanning multiple years and children thanks to its durable components and flexible modes. The carrycot, car seat compatibility and roomy seat ensure use from birth through toddlerhood.

For parents seeking functionality paired with premium styling, the Peach 7 could be worth the splurge. The higher price brings peace of mind this is a pram built to stand the test of time.

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