Bugaboo Fox 5 Review

In this Bugaboo Fox 5 review, we’ll analyse the critical specifications and performance factors that make this a top contending premium pushchair
Bugaboo Fox 5 review
Bugaboo Fox 5 Review
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The Bugaboo Fox 5 is a superb premium pram that justifies its high price tag for design-focused parents. With versatile seating options from bassinet to toddler seat, this stroller can serve families from newborn through the preschool years. Durable engineering provides an ultra-smooth ride across varied terrain, while still retaining nimble handling. Thoughtful details like the intuitive one-handed fold and expansive basket add to the convenience. If you seek robust performance and refined aesthetics in an all-terrain pram, the Fox 5 deserves a spot at the top of your list.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 stroller is an investment, but delivers a refined experience that can meet a family's needs for years to come. For those who appreciate innovative design and advanced engineering, the Fox 5 is a worthwhile splurge.

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The Bugaboo Fox 5 is the latest iteration of the iconic Bugaboo Fox pushchair line engineered specifically for all-terrain performance. This stroller promises advanced engineering and luxury features to provide a smooth ride and intuitive handling across various surfaces.

In this Bugaboo Fox 5 review, we’ll analyse the critical specifications and performance factors that make this a top-contesting premium pushchair.

Is the Bugaboo Fox 5 worth it?

While expensive, if you appreciate the finer things in life and want nothing less than perfect for your new bundle of joy, then the Bugaboo Fox 5 stroller could definitely be worth the money.

The Fox 5 justifies its premium pricing for parents seeking a high-quality, versatile all-terrain pushchair. Its durable build, nimble handling across various surfaces, flexibility to accommodate newborns to toddlers, and convenient details like the one-handed fold make the Fox 5 a sound investment for design-focused parents.

Bugaboo Fox 5

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Who Is the Bugaboo Fox 5 Suitable For?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 suits itself to design-focused parents seeking
to prioritise comfort, easy handling, and longevity across children's ages. The flexible seating options ensure it can serve families from newborn to preschooler.

A refined but fully-featured all-terrain pushchair. It marries sleek aesthetics with robust engineering to tackle varied terrain.

The flexible seating options ensure it can serve families from newborn to preschooler.

While the Fox 5 sits at the high end of the price spectrum, the quality materials and versatile design help justify the investment. For parents who want a stroller that can confidently handle city streets to country trails, it's hard to beat the Fox 5.

What comes in the Bugaboo Fox 5 travel system bundle?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 can be purchased as a convenient travel system bundle that includes:

  • Fox 5 chassis and wheels
  • Bassinet with mattress and lining
  • Reversible toddler seat
  • Canopy
  • Rain cover
  • Underseat basket
  • Turtle Air by Nuna car seat
  • Car seat adaptors

My new all-terrain stroller from Bugaboo is so easy to use! I love that it comes with the bassinet and seat (perfect to last long with baby) 🥰 Ready to roll 💨 #bugaboo #bugaboofox5 #strollers #strollershopping #beststroller2023

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This bundled option provides everything you need to use the Fox 5 from newborn through toddlerhood, allowing easy transitions from car seat to pushchair.

The bassinet and toddler seat share the same seat frame, letting you switch between the two as your child grows. And the included car seat and adaptors create a complete travel system.

Design and Engineering

The Fox 5 retains the classic aesthetics Bugaboo is known for, with a sleek minimalist look crafted from high-quality durable materials. The chassis is made from aluminium with a bio-based coating to reduce environmental impact.

Engineers redesigned the Fox 5 chassis to improve manoeuvrability and stability. The new curved chassis shape, relocated pivot point, and wider wheel base optimize the center of gravity for easier steering.

Larger rear wheels and advanced suspension provide a smoother ride across uneven terrain. And the one-handed fold mechanism allows swift folding without removing the seat unit.

Seating Options

The Bugaboo Fox 5 offers flexible seating options as your little one grows. The bassinet is suitable from birth up to 9kg, providing a flat, firm mattress for safe sleep. The reversible toddler seat can be used from 6 months up to 22kg.

The seat can be positioned parent-facing or world-facing and features an adjustable calf rest and extendable footrest. The shoulder straps are simple to adjust in height. And the harness buckle can be released with one hand.

The toddler seat also extends up and down by 10cm to accommodate growth spurts. This provides longevity not always found in stroller seats.

Shows the diferent colours of the Bugaboo Fox 5
Shows the diferent colours of the Bugaboo Fox 5

All-Terrain Performance and Maneuverability

With all-wheel suspension and large puncture-proof wheels, the Fox 5 is built to tackle varied terrain. The front wheels offer a 65% increase in surface area over the Fox 3 for stability.

The wheels absorb shocks and smooth out bumps in the pavement. Testers found the Fox 5 offered a very stable, smooth ride whether on city streets or more rugged park pathways.

The stroller is relatively nimble and compact for an all-terrain design. The wheels allow tight turns and easy steering with one hand. Though not the most compact everyday pushchair, its manoeuvrability belies its size.

The Frame

The Bugaboo Fox 5 has an aluminum frame with a bio-based coating designed to reduce environmental impact. Engineers redesigned the chassis from the Fox 3 model, with a new curved shape and optimised pivot point that improves maneuverability. The wider wheel base also enhances stability for easier steering. Despite the robustness for all-terrain use, the frame retains a sleek, minimalist aesthetic signature of Bugaboo.

Is The Bugaboo Fox 5 Easy to Fold?

One of the standout upgrades with the Bugaboo Fox 5 is the easy one-handed folding mechanism.

To fold the Fox 5, simply use one hand to lift up on the handlebar until the front wheels tuck in. This allows you to swiftly collapse the pushchair without needing to remove the seat first.

The fold is smooth easy and intuitive, making storing or transporting the Fox 5 much simpler, especially compared to previous Bugaboo models.

Once folded, the Fox 5 is compact enough for most car boots while still feeling sturdy and durable. Unfolding is just as easy - simply lift the handlebar again to extend the wheels and chassis.

Additional Handy Features for Parents

Beyond the seating and drivability, the Fox 5 offers thoughtful touches to enhance convenience:

  • A generous storage basket with extendable flaps for ample room
  • Simple one-handed adjustments from handlebar height to seat recline
  • A two-wheel mode for pulling the stroller backwards over sand or snow
  • Customisation colours and accessories like a sibling wheeled board

Additions like the adjustable handlebar, expandable basket, and one-handed fold indicate Bugaboo listened to parent feedback.
Key Features for Comfort and Convenience

From the comfortable carrycot to details like the extendable sun canopy, the Fox 5 is designed for parental convenience.

The carrycot provides a safe, flat sleep space for newborns and has an extra-large UPF 50+ canopy to protect from sun exposure. It also includes a flip-down ventilation window to provide airflow.

The toddler seat is suitable once babies are around 6 months old. It can be positioned parent or world-facing and has an adjustable calf rest and extendable footrest to accommodate growth.

The seat can also recline in one smooth motion to allow your little one to nap on the go. The harness buckle releases with one hand for quick adjustments.

Thoughtful touches like the expandable basket with over 10kg capacity and accessories like the ride-on board for an older sibling make the Bugaboo Fox 5 a versatile, customisable pram.

With intuitive maneuverability and adjustments designed for convenience, the Fox 5 aims to make life easier for active parents needing an adaptable, durable pram. Test driving it is the best way to experience the engineering first-hand before making your shortlist.

How Does the Fox 5 Stack Up Against Competitors?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 positions itself as a premium all-terrain pushchair with an appropriately high price tag. But testers found it compares favorably against similar offerings from top brands.

The sleek style and intuitive handling help justify the £1300. The durable, high-quality build also means it could serve families across multiple children, enhancing value and longevity.

For parents seeking robust engineering that can withstand parks and trails without sacrificing nimble navigation, the Fox 5 deserves a top spot on the shortlist.

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Icandy peach 7 vs the Bugaboo Fox 5
Icandy peach 7 vs the Bugaboo Fox 5

How Does the Bugaboo Fox 5 Compare to the Fox 3?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 builds on the strengths of the Fox 3 but elevates the engineering and handling. While retaining core features like the versatile bassinet and toddler seat options.

The Fox 5 redesigns the chassis for better maneuverability and stability. Larger rear wheels add advanced suspension for an even smoother ride across rough terrain. Thoughtful upgrades like the one-handed fold mechanism and expandable basket also boost convenience for parents. So while the Fox 5 keeps popular elements of the Fox 3, key improvements provide a refined all-terrain pushchair experience.

A video review of the Bugaboo Fox 5.

Key Specs of the Bugaboo Fox 5

Product Weight: 12.2 kg

Dimension - Chassis: 89 x 60 x 105 cm

Dimension - Folded: 90 x 60 x 34 cm

Seat Weight Limit: 22 kg

Bassinet Weight Limit: 9 kg

Suitable Age: Birth to 4 years

One-Handed Fold: Yes

Seat Positions: Forward and Parent-Facing

Wheels: Foam puncture-proof

Accessories Included: Rain cover

How does the Bugaboo Fox 5 compare to the Bugaboo Donkey 5?

The key distinction is that the Donkey 5 converts from a single to double stroller, while the Bugaboo Fox 5 is a single only. The Donkey 5's expansive design adapts as your family grows, making it wider but able to accommodate two children side-by-side. This flexibility and larger size give it better all-terrain capabilities. The Donkey 5 handles rough terrain smoothly thanks to 12” rear and 10” front wheels. It also boasts massive storage space, with two 22kg baskets. Easy one-handed folding and abundant accessories let you customise the Donkey 5. The Fox 5 single stroller suits families with just one child needing a more compact, sleeker design. Its slimmer profile nimbly navigates urban environments.

In summary, the Donkey 5 is ideal if you may need a double stroller down the road or regularly tackle varied terrain. Its versatile expansions and rugged performance maximise utility for growing families. The sleek Fox 5 suits those needing just a single stroller.

What is the weight limit for the Bugaboo Fox 5?

The Bugaboo Fox 5 has a generous weight limit of 22kg, allowing it to accommodate children from birth through the toddler years. The bassinet is suitable from birth up to 9kg.

Does the Fox 5 have a one-handed fold?

Yes, the Fox 5 has an easy, intuitive one-handed fold mechanism. Just lift up on the handlebar to smoothly collapse the chassis. This allows for quick folding without removing the seat first.

Is the Bugaboo Fox 5 suited for all terrains?

With its redesigned chassis, advanced suspension system, and large puncture-proof wheels, the Fox 5 is optimized for maneuverability across various surfaces from city streets to park trails. The all-wheel suspension provides stability across uneven terrain.

What accessories are compatible with the Bugaboo Fox 5?

There is a wide range of accessories available for the Fox 5 including car seat adaptors, a sibling ride-on board, footmuff, parasol, organizer bag, and more. This allows you to fully customize your pushchair.

Does the Fox 5 have a large basket for storage?

Yes, the under seat storage basket is very generous at 10kg capacity, with extendable side flaps to increase space. Even with the bassinet attached, you can fit plenty of essentials in the basket.

Is the Bugaboo Fox 5 easy to assemble?

The Fox 5 chassis and seat components click together smoothly and intuitively. Bugaboo provides step-by-step videos online to walk you through the simple assembly process.

What colours and fabrics are available for the Fox 5?

You can choose from multiple colour combinations. The seat and canopy come in 8 fabric shades that can be mixed and matched on the black or graphite chassis.

Is the bugaboo fox 5 good for tall people?

The Bugaboo fox 5 is suitable for tall people as it has an adjustable handle bar with good height.

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