Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat Review

Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat Review
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The Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size is an infant car seat designed for babies from birth to 15 months old. As an i-Size car seat, it meets the latest European safety standards for protecting your little one while travelling. In this detailed review, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Pebble Pro - from key features to how it compares to other infant car seats.

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Quick Verdict

The Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size is an exceptional infant car seat that exceeds basic safety requirements to provide advanced protection for little passengers. With its easy installation, deluxe comfort features, and sleek, elegant design, the Pebble Pro offers both style and substance. Though on the pricier end, the seat's premium quality and advanced engineering make it a worthwhile investment for safety-focused parents. For those wanting only the best for their baby, the Pebble Pro is sure to satisfy.

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Key Features

  • Ergonomic infant insert - The 2-part insert provides tailored support for baby's head, neck and body. The padded materials and near-flat position give superior comfort.
  • Adjustable harness - The 5-point harness can be easily adjusted in height and length as baby grows. The harness straps spring open for quick access.
  • Breathable fabrics - The seat cover is made from soft, breathable fabrics to keep baby comfortable in any weather. It's also machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Built-in side impact protection - Extra cushioning lines the shell to absorb force and protect baby's head and neck in the event of a collision.
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi strollers - The Pebble Pro clicks right onto Maxi Cosi and many other brand strollers to form a travel system.
  • i-Size compliant - Designed to meet the newest European safety standards (R129), including enhanced side impact protection. When installed with the i-Size FamilyFix base, the Pebble Pro offers maximum safety


Installing the Pebble Pro is simple with the FamilyFix i-Size base. The base clips securely into the car's ISOFIX anchors and has an easy one-click attachment. The seat can also be installed using the car's seat belt, but this won't be i-Size compliant.

The FamilyFix base has sensor lights that let you know when the seat is properly locked in place, so you can be sure it's correctly and securely installed every time. No more second guessing or struggling!

Comfort & Convenience

With its plush padding and ergonomic infant insert, the Pebble Pro provides exceptional comfort for newborns and growing babies. The insert supports baby's head and neck while allowing optimal breathing and blood circulation.

For parents, the easy in harness makes strapping baby in a cinch. The buckle releases with one hand, and the harness springs open automatically. The handles, smooth carry handle and relatively light weight (4.9 kg) also make the Pebble Pro easy to transport.


As an i-Size car seat, the Pebble Pro is held to the most stringent safety testing in Europe. It protects even better than seats that simply meet the minimum standards. Key safety features include:

  • Full side impact protection with shock-absorbing foam
  • Anti-rebound protection that reduces rebound forces
  • Durable shell and energy-absorbing frame
  • 5-point harness with adjustable straps
  • Newborn insert for proper positioning

Installation with the ISOFIX base gives peace of mind that the seat is perfectly secured and minimizes driver error.

Style & Design

Available in 3 toned-down colors, the Pebble Pro features a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The shell is smoothly contoured with no awkward angles. Fabric accents add visual interest while remaining neutral enough to match any car interior.

At 39 x 46 x 65 cm, the seat is moderately sized for an infant carrier. The sun canopy is on the small side and may not offer much shade. But overall the Pebble Pro combines smart safety with simple, elegant design.

Final Thoughts

The Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size surpasses basic safety requirements to offer advanced protection for little passengers. Easy installation, deluxe comfort features and a smart aesthetic make this a parent and baby-friendly infant seat.

While it sits at a premium price point, the Pebble Pro is a worthwhile investment for safety and security. For parents wanting the very best for their child, the Pebble Pro is an excellent choice.


the maxi cosi pebble 360!

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Whats difference between maxi cosi pebble and pebble pro?

The Pebble Pro is i-Size compliant when installed with an ISOFIX base, while the Pebble is not. The i-Size regulation requires extended rear-facing up to 15 months and enhanced side impact protection, making the Pebble Pro safer.

Additionally, the Pebble Pro has a 2-part infant insert for better fit and support, while the Pebble has a 1-piece insert. The harness on the Pebble Pro is also adjustable in height and length, allowing for a better fit as baby grows.

Which prams are compatible with the Maxi Cosi pebble pro?

The Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size is compatible with many popular pram models in the UK. With the correct adaptors, The Pebble Pro can attach to prams like the iCandy Peach, Bugaboo Fox , Oyster 3, Babyzen Yoyo+, Cybex Balios S, Silver Cross Wayfarer, Oyster Max, Baby Jogger City Mini, Bugaboo Bee, and UPPAbaby Cruz.

These allow the car seat to securely click onto the pram, creating a convenient travel system for parents on the go. Compatibility can vary, so be sure to check which adapter is needed for your specific pram model before purchasing. With the help of adapters, the Pebble Pro is able to transform into a smooth travel system with leading pram brands.

What is the weight limit for the Maxi Cosi car seat?

The Maxi Cosi car seat can accommodate children from 5 to 65 pounds, making it suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

How safe is the Pebble Pro i-Size?

As an i-Size seat, the Pebble Pro meets the highest safety testing standards in Europe, exceeding the minimum requirements. Key safety features include side impact protection, anti-rebound protection, a durable shell and 5-point harness.

Correct installation with the ISOFIX base minimizes the risk of user error. Combined with advanced engineering, the Pebble Pro provides advanced safety for babies.

What are the different installation options for the Pebble Pro i-Size?

The Pebble Pro can be installed using either the FamilyFix i-Size base or the vehicle's seatbelt. Using the base is recommended for easiest installation and to maintain i-Size compliance. The seatbelt can be used for occasional use in other vehicles but the seat will not be i-Size compliant without the base.

What accessories are available for the Pebble Pro i-Size?

Maxi Cosi offers accessories like car seat footmuffs, sun shades, and rain covers that are approved for use with the Pebble Pro. These can help keep baby comfortable in different weather conditions when using the seat as part of a travel system.

Does the Pebble Pro i-Size have any fabric options?

The Pebble Pro cover fabrics come in 3 neutral color options - black, grey, and sparkling grey. There are no additional fabric designs or patterns available. The fabrics are soft, breathable and machine washable.

How do Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats compare in terms of safety?

Both Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats meet the latest European safety standards and regulations. Brands like Maxi Cosi and Cybex design their seats to provide advanced safety through features like side impact protection, anti-rebound technology, durable shell materials, and proper harness systems. When installed correctly, both Maxi Cosi and Cybex car seats provide very high levels of safety for babies and toddlers, often exceeding the minimum requirements. Ultimately, parents can feel confident in the safety of premium car seats from established brands like Maxi Cosi and Cybex.

What is the weight and height capacity of the seat?

The Pebble Pro accommodates babies from 40-75cm in height and up to 13kg in weight. This covers from newborn to approximately 12 months old.

How does the Pebble Pro perform in crash tests?

The Pebble Pro receives high safety ratings in European crash tests. When installed with the base, it achieves an ADAC score of 1.7 out of 2 for protection in frontal and side impacts. Without the base it scores 1.5, still indicating a high level of safety.

What is the difference between the Pebble Pro i-Size and Pebble 360 i-Size?

The Pebble 360 i-Size offers a lie-flat recline and rotating capability when used with the FamilyFix 360 base. The Pebble Pro i-Size does not have these features but meets the latest i-Size standards when installed with its base. Both provide high safety.

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