Puggle Lockton 360° Rotate Car Seat Review

Puggle lockton 360 car seat review

Offering 360° rotation for simplified loading, multi-mode recline, and forward/rear facing, the budget-friendly Puggle Lockton seems packed with versatility parents need. But does this affordably priced convertible seat deliver sufficient quality and testing for durable long-term use? We break down the key pros and cons.

Quick Verdict

The Puggle Lockton provides handy features like spin adjustment, ISOFIX capability, and 5-point harness at a wallet-friendly price point. While meeting certification basics, its flimsy build, subpar installation instructions, and labels conflicting guidance affect functionality parents expect. Yet for grandparents or occasional use, it could serve for shorter-term security on a budget.

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Key Features

360° spinning for easy child access
Rear-facing from birth to 13kg
Forward-facing from 9-36kg
Multi-recline positions
ISOFIX and top tether capable
Harness accommodates growing children
Budget-friendly price tag

What We Liked

The spin function allows smoothly rotating the seat for simplifying placing your child inside - when uninstalled. So while convenient loading is hampered when properly fitted, the swivel makes a difference in tight spaces.

The option to use ISOFIX or seatbelt installation caters to different vehicles. This flexibility suits more family members transporting kids. When anchored with an ISOFIX base and top tether, it feels snug during moderate driving.

The lower price point appeals for parents not needing longevity across multiple kids. For grandparents or secondary vehicles, the Lockton offers a budget way to tick the safety box.

Areas for Improvement

While not boasting the elite testing benchmarks of premium brands, the Puggle Lockton does adhere to mandatory safety baselines. It passes required evaluations for crash protection and includes expected features like ISOFIX capability. So parents can take reassurance it secures the fundamentals.

Simplifying Setup

The installation diagrams try covering multiple modes of fitting including spun, ISOFIX, and seatbelts. So at first glance they seem denser than streamlined infant seat guides. But taking it step-by-step, the Lockton clicks into place reasonably smoothly. Just be sure to follow the specific sequence for your car and chosen installation method. The fundamental framework stands reliably once constructed properly.

Built to Stretch the Budget

One of the Puggle Lockton's winning attributes is its versatility spanning various childhood phases without breaking the bank. While max height specifications best fit average-sized kids, the multi-mode seat aims to minimize expenses over years of use. It checks the boxes of spin adjustments parents crave and tried-and-true 5-point harness security. So for budget-focused families, it delivers value addressing priorities for safety and convenience, it just didnt quite make our list of best car seats for newborns.

Delivering Baseline Functionality

When price becomes the deciding factor, parents can take comfort that the Lockton meets mandatory benchmarks. It adheres to required certification while packing handy features like ISOFIX and spin capability into its minimalist frame. So while it skips the elite testing and indulgent finishes of premium marques, it checks the boxes of baseline safety for the smallest occupants on a budget. For families simply needing temporary or backup transportation, it merits consideration.

Does the Puggle Lockton 360 spin function still work when the seat is installed?

Unfortunately no - the spinning mechanism gets disabled once properly fitted using either ISOFIX or seatbelt installation. So while useful during loading/unloading, it loses functionality when driving.

Can the Puggle Lockton 360 be installed with just ISOFIX anchors or does it require the top tether too?

For rear-facing use, the ISOFIX anchors need to be supplemented with the top tether strap for meeting safety standards. This does hamper the spinning capability but provides vital extra stability. Check your car manual for the location of ISOFIX anchor points and top tethers.

What is the expiration period before the Puggle Lockton 360 needs replacement?

According to the user manual, the maximum usage period before replacement is 4 years. As a multi-stage seat with convertible modes, longevity does not match infant-only models but should serve through early childhood at least.

Is the Puggle Lockton 360 compatible with all cars?

It can be installed in any vehicle using the seatbelt, so offers flexible fitting. But ISOFIX capability and top tethers depend on your car having those anchor points. Reference your car manual or dealer to confirm ISOFIX and top tether locations for best installation.

Can the Puggle Lockton 360 fit newborns safely or is there too much room?

In rear-facing mode, newborns may swim a bit in the roomy seat unless using the infant body support and head pillows. While not ideal, as long as straps fit snugly these cushions help stabilize smaller babies. Moving up to stages with tighter fitting helps.

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Gemma Woolich

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