Puggle Monaco XT 2in1 Travel System Review

Puggle Moncaco XT review
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In this review, we’ll scrutinze the versatility, quality and convenience offered by the adaptable Puggle Monaco XT to determine if it warrants the investment for style-minded parents.

Quick Verdict

The Puggle Monaco XT bundles must-have components like a lie-flat pram, reversible seat, and car seat adaptability into a contemporary package. While pricier than basic options, the intuitive design, durable build and longevity could justify costs for families seeking both fashion and function through early childhood. Smart engineering provides a refined ride while flexibility suits evolving needs from infancy onwards.

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Key Features

  • Sleek, compact modern profile
  • Spacious lie-flat carrycot
  • Reversible seat with multi-recline
  • Raincover and accessories included
  • Raincover and accessories included
  • One-hand folding aluminum chassis
  • Foam-filled rear wheels for smooth ride
  • Generous storage basket
  • Car seat adapters included

Carrying Performance & Handling

Gliding along with the Monaco XT feels reassuringly refined thanks to the all-wheel suspension absorbing uneven sidewalks and curb bumps. The swivel front wheels lend impressive maneuverability squeezing down supermarket aisles one-handed. Larger foam-filled rear tires add stability, preventing veering on rougher park terrain. While quick-release wheels aid transport, we’d prefer them staying put when folded for added convenience. But overall the aluminium chassis provides a nimble, quality ride.

Customisable Seating Options

From the breezy bassinet for newborn snoozing to supportive seat accommodating ever-growing toddlers, adaptability makes the Monaco XT a sound investment. The quilted carrycot cocoons infants while vented sides prevent overheating. Extended canopy and apron combat winds while the mattress carries substantial weight limits. Folding the bassinet flat after clicking off the chassis proves handy for storage.

The reversible pushchair seat offers multiple recline angles to suit everything from alert play to mid-walk catnaps. Cushioned sides and shoulder straps prevent rubbing while the bumper bar and harness keep wiggly toddlers securely in place. We appreciate how the seat depth, leg rest and hood all expand to accommodate your child’s rapid growth.

For parents needing longevity from a single purchase, this flexibility keeps the Monaco XT in use for years beyond early babydom into the preschool sprint. Viability across ages makes the higher ticket price easier to digest.


Pushing the Monaco XT is smooth and stable thanks to the all-wheel suspension and foam rear tires absorbing uneven sidewalks and trails. The aluminum chassis strikes an ideal balance of sturdy yet lightweight.

Once in motion, the stroller maintains momentum nicely with little effort to propel even fully loaded. Tight turns never feel tippy thanks to the squat wheel base and pivoting front swivel wheels that navigate crowded spaces one-handed.

Small bumps barely register as the fifteen-level adjustable springs absorb road vibration. Larger wheels would cater for true off-roading but for mixed-surface parks and pavement, the tire composition impresses across all but the most rugged terrain.


A common frustration with stylish strollers is skimping on storage. But the Monaco XT provides ample hideaway baskets and pockets for on-the-go essentials.

The main undercarriage basket impresses in depth and width, easily swallowing multiple shopping bags. Side pockets perfectly fit water bottles while interior pouches contain keys and phones securely.

Raising the tall-sided basket higher off the ground makes access more convenient compared to rivals. Paired with the 10kg weight allowance, you can surprisingly stash a share of supplies when running family errands. For travel system practicality, it scores top marks.

Car Seat Integration

The car seat integration means this travel system covers every transportation need from birth. Adaptors click the infant carrier onto the chassis without disturbing peaceful snoozing. Isofix capability would enhance installation confidence but the sturdy belt hooks keep the seat securely fastened.

While functional, the seat itself lacks the plush padding or breathable fabric technology of higher-end brands. The canopy could extend further to properly shelter little faces from sunlight. Since car time adds up, spending a bit more on a additional seat could impact overall comfort. But embracing the Monaco XT does handily ticks the safety box.

So if seeking a stylishly contemporary package delivering strong practicality across evolving kid phases, the flexible Monaco XT warrants a look. For parents valuing versatility from sleek premium design, it confidently carries little ones onwards and upwards in superior fashion.

What ages is the Puggle Monaco XT travel system suitable for?

The Puggle Monaco XT travel system is suitable from birth through to toddlerhood, with its lie-flat pram bassinet and reversible pushchair seat supporting kids from birth up to around age 3-4 years old. The included car seat can be used from newborn onwards.

Does the Puggle Monaco XT have good storage?

Yes, the Puggle Monaco XT travel system incorporates ample storage, including a large basket under the main seat along with side pockets perfect for containing parent essentials and babies extra items on family outings.

How much does the Puggle Monaco XT weigh?

The Puggle Monaco XT aluminium chassis with main seat attached weighs approximately 14.87kg. This allows for reasonably easy lifting into a vehicle boot when folded or detached from the chassis.

Is the Puggle Monaco XT easy to steer?

Thanks to foam-filled tires, lockable swivel front wheels, and a refined suspension, the Puggle Monaco XT has impressively nimble manoeuvrability. It handles well even one-handed through turns at the grocery store or over parkland grass and trails.

Does the Puggle Monaco XT stroller feel high quality?

With durable materials, sturdy aluminium construction and premium finishings, the Puggle Monaco XT conveys refined quality exceeding cheaper lightweight strollers. The engineering feels designed to last across multiple kids, supporting Puggles claims of longevity.

What safety features does the Puggle Monaco XT include?

Key highlights for safety assurance with the Puggle Monaco XT are the secure 5-point harness strapping toddlers in snugly, the dual braking system immobilizing parked wheels, and the ISOFIX car seat capability for firmly fastening your infant's carrier.

What infant car seats are compatible with the Puggle Monaco XT travel system?

The Puggle Monaco XT travel system is designed to integrate with a wide range of popular infant car seat models from brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Joie, Nuna and its own Puggle Loxton others when using the included car seat adapters. This allows seamless transition of sleeping babies from car to stroller without disruptive removals. Check the Puggle website for the most up-to-date car seat compatibility listing before selecting your baby's car seat.

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