Egg 2 Pram Review

The Egg 2 Pram is a luxurious and high-quality pushchair, designed with advanced engineering and high-end features. It is one of the most popular choices for parents seeking a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.
Egg 2 Pram Review
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The Egg 2 Pram is a luxurious and high-quality pushchair, designed with advanced engineering and high-end features. It is one of the most popular choices for parents seeking a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Before we get into the details lets give you our overall verdict on the Egg 2 Pram

Quick Verdict

The Egg 2 Pram is an exceptional blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making it a top choice for modern parents. Its sleek design and variety of colour options cater to aesthetic preferences, while its user-friendly features ensure a smooth and convenient experience. One of our favourite features is the spacious seating options. The larger seat and luxurious carrycot provide a comfortable and cosy space for your child, ensuring they enjoy the ride whether they're sitting up or lying down. The fact that the carrycot can be removed with one hand is a thoughtful addition, making it easier for parents to lift their child out of the pram.

The pram's ample storage space is another standout feature. The larger basket provides ample room for all your baby essentials, making it a practical choice for parents on the go. The wheels, larger than those of the previous model, ensure a smooth and stable ride, regardless of the terrain

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Who is the Egg 2 Pram Suitable For?

The Egg 2 Pram is an excellent choice for parents who value style, comfort, and functionality. It's particularly suitable for those who plan to expand their family in the future, as it can be easily converted into a double pushchair with separately sold parts. This pram is also a great option for parents who frequently travel by car, as the included car seat can be installed using either the car's seat belt or the ISOFIX connectors, ensuring a safe and stable ride for your little one.


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The chassis of the Egg 2 Pram is a reflection of the brand's dedication to quality and durability. Constructed from high-grade aluminium, the chassis is both robust and lightweight, offering a solid base for the pram's various components. The sleek and modern design of the chassis, with its clean lines and polished finish, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the pram.

One standout feature of the Egg 2 Pram's chassis is its auto-locking mechanism. This feature streamlines the process of unfolding the pram, making it quick and hassle-free. This is especially beneficial when you're out and about with your child and need to set up the pram swiftly. The auto-locking mechanism is designed to be reliable and secure, ensuring that the pram remains firmly in place once unfolded.

Wheels and Storage

The wheels of the Egg 2 Pram are another highlight. They are larger than those on the previous model and feature a new, tri-spoke design. The wheels are crafted from a special hard rubber that incorporates Tru Ride technology, which offers a ride comfort comparable to that of air-filled tires, without the risk of punctures. This ensures a smooth and stable ride, regardless of the terrain.

When it comes to storage, the Egg 2 Pram boasts a larger basket than its predecessor. This basket offers ample space for all your baby essentials, from diapers and wipes to toys and snacks. The basket is easily accessible, making it convenient for you to grab your items when you need them. This feature is a real asset for parents who are often on the move and need to have all their baby essentials within easy reach.

Seating Options

The seating options of the Egg 2 Pram prioritize your child's comfort. The pram offers a larger seat than the previous model, providing more room for your child to sit and relax. The seat is bucket-type and L-shaped, which can be fully reclined to a laying position. This ergonomic design ensures that your child is comfortable, whether they're sitting up and observing their surroundings or lying down for a nap.

In addition to the seat, the Egg 2 Pram also comes with a luxurious carrycot. This full-sized carrycot has generous internal dimensions, offering a cosy and comfortable space for your newborn to rest. What's more, the carrycot can be removed with one hand, making it easy for you to lift your child out of the pram without any hassle. This feature, combined with the pram's larger seat, ensures that your child enjoys a comfortable ride, no matter their age or size.

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The Egg 2 Car Seat

The Egg 2 Pram often comes as part of a bundle deal that includes the Egg 2 Car Seat, providing parents with a complete travel system right from the start. This bundle deal is not only cost-effective but also ensures that the pram and car seat are perfectly compatible, offering seamless transitions from car to pram and vice versa.

The car seat easily clicks onto the pram's chassis, allowing you to move your baby from the car to the pram without disturbing their sleep. This is particularly useful for those quick trips to the store or for longer journeys where you might want your baby to continue their nap in the pram.

The car seat installation is also straightforward, whether you're using the car's seat belt or the ISOFIX connectors. This ensures your baby's safety during car journeys and gives parents peace of mind.

In terms of aesthetics, the car seat matches the pram perfectly, maintaining the stylish and sophisticated look that the Egg 2 Pram is known for. So, with this bundle, you're not just getting practicality and safety, but also a travel system that looks great.

Egg 2 pram in stylish Seagrass Green
The egg 2 pram in stylish Seagrass Green


The Egg 2 Pram comes with the following specifications:

Height: Standing at 113cm, the Egg 2 Pram is designed to be at a comfortable height for most parents. This means less bending over when tending to your child, reducing the strain on your back.

Width: The pram measures 59cm in width, making it compact enough to navigate through narrow spaces and doorways, yet spacious enough to provide a comfortable ride for your child.

Weight:  Weighing in at 15.5kg, the Egg 2 Pram strikes a balance between stability and portability. It's sturdy enough to provide a safe and smooth ride for your child, yet lightweight enough to be easily manoeuvred and transported.

Suitability: The Egg 2 Pram is suitable for up to 25kg or a 2-year-old child. This means it can comfortably accommodate your child from infancy through their toddler years, making it a long-lasting investment.


The Egg 2 Pram is designed with adjustability in mind. The handlebar can be moved into 5 different positions, ensuring a comfortable push for parents of all heights. The seat unit also offers three recline options, providing a comfortable ride for your child whether they're sitting up or lying down. The harness adjustment mechanism has been updated, making it easier to adjust as your child grows.

Safety Features

The Egg 2 Pram is equipped with a 5-point safety harness that is easy to adjust and can be accessed from the magnetic flap at the back of the seat unit. This ensures your child is securely strapped in at all times. The pram also features larger Tru-Ride wheels in a new, tri-spoke design, providing a smooth and stable ride for your child regardless of the terrain.

What car seats is egg 2 pram compatible with?

The Egg 2 Pram is compatible with most well-known car seat brands such as Maxi Cosi, thanks to the included car seat adapters. It can also be converted into a double pushchair with separately purchased parts, making it a versatile choice for growing families.

Additional Features

The Egg 2 Pram comes with a number of useful features, such as a large, silent ventilation window on the canopy of the seat unit and the bassinet, a new auto-locking mechanism for easier unfolding of the chassis, and a redesigned central hub. The pram also features a larger shopping basket and a new design of the changing bag for the parent, now in the form of an elegant backpack.

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What colours does the egg 2 pram come in?

The egg 2 comes in various colours such as:

Paprika: A vibrant shade of red-orange.
Olive: A rich, earthy green.
Feather: A soft, soothing light grey.
Monument Grey: A deep, sophisticated dark grey.
Quartz: A beautiful, elegant light beige.
Cobalt: A bold, striking blue.

Special Edition Colours:

Just Black: A sleek, classic black.
Jurassic Grey: A unique dark grey with a subtle hint of green.
Diamond Black: A glamorous black with a diamond sheen.

Shows the egg 2 pram colours.

Accessories Available for the Egg 2 Pram

The Egg 2 Pram offers a range of accessories designed to enhance your experience and provide additional convenience and style. Here are some of the key accessories available:

Egg 2 Carrycot: This spacious nest is suitable for babies from birth to 9kg. It features an ergonomic release lever and a ventilation net and viewing window. The carrycot comes with a mattress and raincover as standard, as well as a fully adjustable hood and zip on carrycot apron. It is available in all Egg2 colours.

Egg 2 Backpack: This stylish and practical backpack is made from a soft-touch, marl fabric. It features an insulated external pocket and a large main compartment with smaller pockets for smaller items. It comes with a quality padded changing mat and adjustable straps with shoulder padding.

Egg 2 Stroller Organiser: This new addition for 2023 is perfect for keeping your essentials organised. It has Velcro straps to hang from your handlebar, or you can use the shoulder strap to wear the bag away from your stroller. The dividers inside the bag allow you to customise the space inside.

Egg 2 Footmuff: This footmuff is made from a soft-touch, durable fabric finished beautifully with a plush fabric lining for the ultimate comfort for your baby. It is suitable for use with a 5 point safety harness and features a side zip for easy access.

Egg 2 Tandem Accessories: The Egg2 pram can be converted into a tandem stroller with the addition of the Egg2 tandem adaptor kit. The tandem seats are available in several colours and can be used from approximately 6 months old.

Egg 2 Sunshade: This new accessory will protect your baby from harmful UVA & UVB rays (50+). It can be easily fixed to the Egg using the elasticated loops on either side, hooking around the hood and calf-rest.

Egg Stroller Bottle: This matching egg bottle fits perfectly in the egg bottle holder and helps you stay hydrated on the go.

Egg Adjustable Height Adaptors: These unique 2 position adjustable height adaptors increase the height of the carrycot to suit you, making it easier to lift your baby out.

Egg Parasol: The adjustable parasol can be attached to the egg chassis to protect your child from UV rays.

Egg Bottle Holder: The cup holder can be easily attached to either side of the egg chassis handlebar.

Egg Ride-on-Board: This ride-on-board is perfect for a toddler or child to come along too. It easily attaches to the egg and egg2, using specialist brackets.

Is the Egg 2 Pram Easy to Set Up?

Yes, the Egg 2 Pram is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its auto-locking mechanism simplifies the process of unfolding the pram, allowing you to set it up quickly and effortlessly. This is particularly beneficial when you're out and about with your child and need to set up the pram in a hurry.

Is the Egg 2 Pram Easy to Fold?

Yes, The Egg 2 Pram can be easily folded for storage or transport. However, it's worth noting that it requires the use of two auto-lock clips to release when unfolding the chassis. This is a small step that ensures the pram is securely folded and won't accidentally unfold during transport.

Is the Egg 2 Pram Lightweight?

At 15.5kg, the Egg 2 Pram is relatively lightweight for a stroller of its size and features. This makes it easier to push and manoeuvre, whether you're navigating busy city streets or enjoying a stroll in the park. It's also easier to lift into your car boot or carry up stairs, reducing the physical strain on parents.

Is the Egg 2 Pram Worth It?

Despite its high price tag, the Egg 2 Pram offers excellent value for money. Its quality, advanced engineering, and luxurious features make it a worthwhile investment for any parent. It's designed to provide comfort, ease of use, and style, ensuring that both you and your child enjoy every outing. Plus, its durability and long-lasting design mean that it can serve your family well for years to come, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Egg 2 Pram

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