Bugaboo Butterfly Review

Bugaboo Butterfly Review

As one of Bugaboo's newest stroller models, the Butterfly aims to provide comfort for babies while maintaining maneuverability and compactness. In this in-depth review, we'll cover the key features of the Bugaboo Butterfly and how it compares to other top strollers.

Quick Verdict

The Bugaboo Butterfly is a new ultra-lightweight stroller perfect for families on the go. Weighing just 7.3kg, this compact stroller features a one-second, one-handed fold to easily tote around on trips near and far. Its incredibly lightweight frame, one-second fold, and compact size make it a travel must-have. While the high price tag may cause hesitation, the Butterfly's smooth maneuverability, quality construction, and cabin bag-friendly footprint justify the cost for frequent flying families or urban dwellers needing maximum portability. For parents seeking a long-lasting stroller that can be easily slung over your shoulder during layovers or stashed in tiny trunks, the Bugaboo Butterfly is a worthwhile investment.

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Is the Bugaboo Butterfly worth it?

With a premium price tag, the Bugaboo Butterfly is worthwhile for families who prioritise portability and travel-friendly features.

Frequent fliers, city dwellers, and parents needing an occasional-use stroller will get the most value out of the Butterfly's compact fold, light weight, and cabin bag certification. The smooth ride quality and higher weight limit up to 22kg also make it suitable for growing toddlers. While more affordable strollers exist, the Butterfly's convenient folding and quality materials justify the price for parents needing unmatched portability.

Who is the Bugaboo Butterfly suitable for?

The Bugaboo Butterfly caters best to families with an on-the-go lifestyle. Its compact fold makes it the perfect travel companion for vacations, visiting grandparents, or quick jaunts around town. Frequent travelers who desire an easy-to-carry stroller that fits in airplane overhead bins will love the Butterfly.

Urban parents who take public transportation, pop in and out of taxis, and navigate crowded city streets will also appreciate the Butterfly's agile maneuverability. The larger weight capacity up to 22kg ensures it will last as a stroller for travel and errands as kids grow into the toddler and preschool years. While suitable for everyday use, the Butterfly's smooth ride quality makes it ideal for parents needing a portable stroller for occasional trips rather than extended all-terrain use.

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 however, is better suited for families who need the flexibility of a double stroller or regularly tackle rougher terrain. Its innovative design expands from a 60cm wide single to 74cm wide double mode, adapting as your family grows. This provides versatility lacking in the Bugaboo Butterfly single stroller.

Folding & Portability

The Butterfly’s standout feature is its incredibly quick and simple fold. By pressing two buttons on the handlebar, parents can collapse the stroller in one second flat. The fold is so effortless that you can even do it while holding a child's hand or bag in the other hand.

Once folded, the Bugaboo Butterfly measures an impressively compact 45cm x 23cm x 54cm. This petite folded size makes the stroller easy to store in small spaces. It can fit neatly into airplane overhead compartments, train seats, car trunks, and more thanks to its IATA airline certification. A handy carry strap lets parents transport the 13.2 lb folded stroller on their shoulder.

Bugaboo Butterfly Folded.
Image shows the Bugaboo Butterfly folded.

Maneuverability & Handling

Despite its small wheels, the Butterfly offers smooth steering and maneuverability. Its foam-filled tires and all-wheel suspension prevent excessive vibration on flat, urban terrain. While it can't handle rough ground as well as larger stroller options, the Butterfly is adept at navigating crowded city streets and store aisles.

The Bugaboo glides easily over cracks and bumps in the sidewalk thanks to its impressive suspension. The front wheels offer 360 degree swivel functionality for turning tight corners with one hand. Individual rear wheel brakes ensure the stroller stays locked in place when parked.

Parents of varying heights appreciate the Butterfly's 3-position telescoping handlebar. Taller parents, however, may need to kick the rear wheels out a bit to avoid uncomfortably angled wrists.

Comfort & Safety

With a generous 22kg weight limit, the Butterfly can comfortably accommodate children from 6 months old to around 4 years old. Its 63cm seat is larger than the average compact stroller. The seat reclines to multiple positions, allowing tired toddlers to nap on the go.

The Bugaboo Butterfly offers key comfort features like a padded 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, and a 4-panel canopy. Parents can extend the canopy for added sun protection and unzip the integrated mesh ventilation window. Underneath, an 8kg capacity basket supplies ample room for diaper bags, groceries, and other daily essentials.

Safety features include individual harness straps that click securely into the buckle. The sturdy frame and high-quality materials provide durability. All-wheel suspension gives a smooth ride that protects sleeping passengers.

Seat Comfort and Adjustments

The Bugaboo Butterfly offers ample comfort features to keep kids content during outings. The seat width of 45cm provides room for growing toddlers while 5-point padded harnesses prevent wiggling escapes. Parents can recline the seat nearly flat for naptime on the go. An adjustable leg rest offers multiple positions.

The seat fabric itself consists of soft, breathable material. An included cushioned seat liner boosts padding. The 22kg weight capacity accommodates children from 6 months old to around 4 years old. Taller-than-average seat back height ensures proper head and neck support.

Canopy Coverage

The Bugaboo Butterfly’s 4-panel canopy uses UPF 50+ fabric to shield children from sun rays and wind. When fully extended rearward, the waterproof canopy offers full coverage of the seat. For added protection, parents can unzip the integrated mesh panel for additional sunshade length.

The mesh also aids ventilation on hot days. It creates a breezy peekaboo window to check on kids. The durable canvas material of the canopy resists sagging over time.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The Bugaboo Butterfly consists of high quality materials selected for durability and easy care. The fabrics resist wear, stains, and pilling through repeated use.

Parents can remove the seat cover and harness covers to machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. The metal and plastic components simply need wiped clean as needed. The chassis, wheels, and handle wipe clean with just soap and water.

The Butterfly is designed for low-maintenance yet still looks sleek over time. Quick cleanups between trips enhance convenience.

Accessories and Customisation

While the Butterfly comes fully functional out of the box, Bugaboo offers several optional accessories for customisation. A coordinating cup holder, parasol, organiser bag, and smartphone holder attach easily onto the frame. Infant car seat adapters secure compatible car seats to create a travel system.

For colder weather, a plush footmuff envelops kids in cosy warmth. Add a bug shield during summer for breezy airflow. Parents can choose matching diaper bags and wallets for a complete look. The Bugaboo Butterfly offers versatile accessories to tailor the stroller to your family’s needs.


  • Extremely compact one-handed fold
  • Lightweight at just 7.3kg
  • Car seat compatible with adapters
  • Generous UV canopy with ventilation
  • Smooth maneuverability and suspension
  • Roomy 8kg underseat basket
  • Taller-than-average seat back


  • Expensive price tag
  • Handlebar not adjustable
  • Wheels too small for rough terrain
  • Seat doesn't sit fully upright
  • Lack of included accessories

The Bugaboo Butterfly is a top pick for families seeking a superbly portable stroller. Frequent fliers will find it to be a travel lifesaver. While the high price may deter some buyers, the Butterfly's convenience and quality construction make it a worthy splurge for globe-trotting parents.

Is the Bugaboo Donkey Good For Travel?

With the purchase of adapters, the Butterfly can securely hold compatible infant car seats from brands like Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi. This turns the stroller into a handy travel system for on-the-go parents.

The Butterfly is specifically designed to pair perfectly with the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna car seat. Together, they create an ultra-portable travel duo. The car seat's lightweight aluminum frame, side impact protection, and comfortable Merino wool insert keeps babies cozy.

Is the Bugaboo Butterfly a good pram?

With its smooth ride, quality construction, and ultra-compact fold, the Bugaboo Butterfly makes an excellent pram choice for families needing maximum portability. Its airline certification, one-second fold, light weight, and handy carry strap simplify traveling with babies and toddlers. The adjustable, near-flat recline keeps little ones comfy.

Is the Bugaboo Butterfly good for tall people?

The Butterfly's handlebar height is fixed at 102.4cm. This suits most parents, However, tall parents over 6ft may find the handlebar remains a bit low. The inability to adjust the height could lead to hunching over to push. Taller users may need to kick the rear wheels outward slightly to attain a comfortable wrist angle.

What comes with the Bugaboo Butterfly?

The Bugaboo Butterfly comes boxed with the chassis, wheels, seat unit, sun canopy, underseat basket, leg rest, carry strap, and rain cover. No accessories like cup holders, car seat adapters, or parent organizers are included. But a range of coordinating accessories can be purchased separately to customize your Butterfly.

How much can the underseat basket hold on the Bugaboo Butterfly?

The Butterfly's underseat basket is quite spacious for a compact stroller. It can hold up to 8kg, which is plenty for a diaper bag, purse, groceries, and other daily essentials. The basket also features access flaps at both the front and rear for added convenience.

Does the Bugaboo Butterfly fold small?

Yes, the Butterfly is renowned for its incredibly compact fold. It collapses down to just 45cm x 23cm x 54cm. This petite folded size helps maximize portability and storage. Parents can easily fit the stroller into a car trunk, store it in a small entryway, or carry it on an airplane.

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