How We Make Money

Affiliate Commissions

At Pram Picks, we believe in transparency and want to ensure that our visitors understand how we generate revenue to support our website. This page explains the various ways we make money and maintain our operations.

  1. Affiliate Commissions:
    Pram Picks is a participant in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn commissions when you make a purchase through the links on our website. These links are commonly known as affiliate links, and they allow us to earn a small percentage of the sale without any additional cost to you. We carefully select our affiliate partners based on the relevance and quality of their products, striving to recommend only the best options to our readers.

Display Advertising

  1. Display Advertising:
    To cover the costs of running and maintaining our website, we display advertisements on various pages. These ads may be in the form of banners, text, or interactive media. We work with trusted advertising networks to ensure the relevance and integrity of the displayed ads. While we strive to keep the advertisements as unobtrusive as possible, they are essential for supporting our operations and delivering valuable content to our users.

Sponsored Content

  1. Sponsored Content:
    Occasionally, we may collaborate with brands or manufacturers to create sponsored content. This content is clearly labeled as "Sponsored" or "In partnership with," and we disclose any commercial relationships upfront. Sponsored content allows us to provide in-depth product reviews, comparisons, or informative articles while ensuring transparency about any financial arrangements.

Product Sales

  1. Product Sales:
    In addition to our affiliate partnerships, Pram Picks may sell products directly through our website. These products may include merchandise, digital resources, or other items relevant to our audience. Any profits from product sales contribute to the maintenance and growth of our website, enabling us to provide valuable information and resources to our visitors.

Donations and Support

  1. Donations and Support:
    To further support Pram Picks and its mission, we may accept donations or seek sponsorship from individuals or organizations that align with our values. Such contributions help us enhance the quality of our content and expand our offerings, ensuring that we can continue to provide valuable resources to our audience.

Please note that our primary goal is to assist you in making informed decisions, and our revenue streams do not influence our editorial integrity or the objectivity of our recommendations. We strive to provide honest, unbiased, and accurate information to help you choose the best products for your needs.

If you have any further questions about how we make money or any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We value your trust and appreciate your support as we continue to serve you with the best possible content and recommendations.

Last updated: July 2023.

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