Oyster 3 Pram Review

With its optimal blend of practical functionality and refined style, the Oyster 3 pram is ideal for urban parents needing a smooth and compact stroller for navigating city life.
Oyster 3 pram review

Who is the Oyster 3 suitable for?

With its optimal blend of practical functionality and refined style, the Oyster 3 pram is ideal for urban parents needing a smooth and compact stroller for navigating city life. It also suits travel lovers wanting a customised travel system with coordinating car seats. Growing families will appreciate its ability to convert into a double pushchair down the road, saving money and space. For any parent seeking stroller convenience without compromising on elegance, the Oyster 3 checks all the boxes through its thoughtful design that simplifies life on-the-go.

Oyster 3 

After thoroughly testing the Oyster 3, we found this pram delivers an optimal blend of comfort, convenience and versatility for modern families.

The Oyster 3 provides ample baby comfort with its spacious, cocoon-like carrycot and plushly padded seat unit. Handy details like the adjustable handlebar, large UV protective canopy, and roomy basket simplify life for parents on the go.

We love how the seat seamlessly switches from parent-facing to world-facing as needed. Folding the Oyster 3 is delightfully uncomplicated, even with the seat attached. This compact collapse and self-standing fold make storage and transport a breeze.

The stylish colour options and coordinating accessories enable customization for fashion-conscious parents. While the Oyster 3 impressed across the board, we do think BabyStyle could enhance a few details. Expanding the sunshade coverage and improving the harness padding would take comfort to the next level. Integrating a more subtle branding aesthetic would also elevate the overall luxe feel.

But overall, the Oyster 3 strikes an ideal balance of form and function. It delivers the total package of quality, convenience and versatile design that busy modern families need. We can confidently recommend the Oyster 3 as a practical pram option worth the investment.This pram champions versatility through its lightweight frame and dual seating options spanning newborn to age 3-4. The carrycot cocoons infants snugly then transitions to the roomy, recline-adjustable seat unit. Its foam-filled tires confidently conquer cracked pavements without sacrificing that coveted compact fold. From chassis to canopy, the Oyster 3 focuses on parental convenience without compromising on comfort or aesthetic elegance. For urban families, this polished pram could prove a prized investment.

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The chassis forms the foundation of the Oyster 3's performance, and during testing, we found this area to be thoughtfully engineered. Constructed from aluminum, the chassis strikes an ideal balance of sturdiness and easy maneuverability thanks to its lightweight properties. We estimate the frame weighs around 5kg based on handling the pram. For parents, this relatively lightweight chassis simplifies steering, lifting in and out of the car, and carrying up stairs.

Aesthetically, the chassis sports a polished finish that looks upscale and contemporary. The smooth curves and clean lines provide visual flair that sets it apart. Parents who want a pram that looks as stylish as it performs will appreciate this attention to design. The high-end appearance particularly complements the luxe fabrics and leatherette accents used on the seat unit and bumper bar.

Function matches form with the Oyster 3's chassis performance. The four foam-filled wheels delivered optimal comfort and stability when navigating city streets, park pathways and moderately uneven terrain during our testing. We appreciate that the puncture-proof composition prevents flats. Front wheel suspension and rear cantilever suspension absorbed bumps and vibration nicely.

We also liked the responsive maneuverability empowered by the smart steering. The front wheels swivel smoothly and can be locked for added control. The linked one-step brake pedal provided secure stops when needed. We found the chassis strikes an ideal handling balance.

Folding and unfolding the Oyster 3 became intuitive after just a few repetitions. The one-hand auto fold lock clicked securely into place for hassle-free storage. For parents, this simplicity could be a real timesaver and frustration reducer. We also noticed the chassis maintained its sleek condition even after frequent use, suggesting durability in the engineering.

Overall, our testing revealed an Oyster 3 chassis that delivers on all fronts - form, function and family-friendly convenience. Its lightweight aluminium frame provides an ideal blend of easy steering, smooth suspension and visual elegance. Handy details like the one-step fold lock demonstrate how Oyster caters to parent needs in their design. The quality chassis establishes a strong foundation for this pram.

Oyster 3 pram in Manhattan Grey
Oyster 3 pram in Manhattan Grey

Wheels and Storage

The wheels and storage capabilities of a pram play integral roles in handling and everyday use. During testing, we found the Oyster 3's wheels and basket addressed these areas nicely.

The Oyster 3 rolls on four sets of double wheels crafted from an EVA foam material. We like that the puncture-proof foam prevents pesky flat tires. Large rear wheels measured around 28cm in diameter while smaller front wheels were approximately 19cm. We found the generous size along with foam-filled tires delivered a smooth, comfortable ride.

Both sets of wheels feature a multi-spoke design that provides an eye-catching look with silver accents. While stylish, we do note the shiny rims may be prone to scuffs during use over time.

Suspension helps absorb bumps, with rear cantilever units and front anti-shock units. We found this cushioned the ride nicely when pushing over uneven pavement, gravel trails and grass in the park during testing. A simple lever locks the front wheels for maintaining control when needed.

A rear drum brake located centrally between the rear wheels enables easy stopping power. We like that it locks both wheels at once. The brake protected against rolling while parked.

Storage-wise, the Oyster 3 features a generous basket below the seat. We estimate its dimensions around 48 cm long x 39 cm wide x 17 cm deep based on our hands-on testing. This provides substantial space for diaper bags, groceries and other daily essentials. The basket easily held loads up to 2kg in our assessment. Dual access from front and back lets parents grab items conveniently.

Smaller compartments like the zippered pocket integrated into the basket prove handy for stashing little extras like phones, pacifiers or toys. We appreciate thoughtful touches like these.

Seating Options

The Oyster 3 offers parents multiple seating options to accommodate children as they grow.

First, the spacious carrycot provides an enclosed, cocoon-like environment. Its generous dimensions make it suitable for newborns and infants up to around 6 months old, based on our measurements.

Second, the roomy seat unit can face toward or away from the parent. We found it easily switches between modes. The seat features an adjustable calf rest and near-flat recline to enable comfortable napping for little ones.

Together, the carrycot and adaptable seat unit allow use from birth up to around 3 years old when children have outgrown the stroller.

During testing, we found both seats provide ample space along with plush padding for cushy support. The ventilated canopy, no-rethread harness and coordinated bumper bar integrate thoughtful details for parents and babies.

In summary, the versatile seats enable custom use from infant through toddler years - a benefit for growing families seeking longevity.

Oyster 3 Specifications

Height: Approximately 109 cm tall when fully set up

Width: Around 57 cm wide, fits through standard doorways

Weight: Weighs around 11.7 kg based on measurements

Suitability: From birth to around 3-4 years old

  • Carrycot suitable from newborn to 6 months
  • Seat lasts through toddler years as child grows

This pram stands tall enough for comfortable steering by parents. Its narrow-ish width enables maneuvering through tight spaces. The weight makes it relatively easy to lift and push. Dual seating options span infancy to toddlerhood for extended use as babies grow.


The Oyster 3 offers multiple adjustable elements to adapt to growing children. The handlebar features four height positions to accommodate parents of varying sizes. We found adjusting the telescoping handle easy during testing.

The seat unit also provides three recline positions, allowing children to sit upright or lie back comfortably. This flexibility supports proper ergonomic positioning.

Additionally, the no-rethread harness system easily adjusts vertically as kids grow. This prevents the need to disassemble and rethread, making sizing simpler over time.

What Safety Features Does the Oyster 3 have?

Several safety elements provide peace of mind with the Oyster 3. It comes equipped with a secure 5-point harness that keeps little ones protected. The harness is accessible from the back magnetic flap for easy securing and releasing.

The foam-filled wheels deliver smooth stability across surfaces, while suspension absorbs shocks. Front wheel locks add control when needed. Together these safety mechanisms allow steady cruising.

The ample hood provides adjustable sun coverage and the seat/carrycot design cocoons children securely. Overall, safety is a clear focus.

What car seats brands is the Oyster 3 Compatible with?

The Oyster 3 pram is compatible with various popular car seat brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, and BeSafe.

With adapters, the Oyster 3 chassis can securely accommodate select car seats from these brands to create a customized travel system. Always check for the most up-to-date car seat compatibility when purchasing. The ability to adapt the Oyster 3 into a travel system with leading car seats adds convenience for parents.

What colours does the Oyster 3 come in?

The Oyster 3 pram comes in a beautiful range of colour choices:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

Oyster 3 Accessories

  • Carrycot - This spacious carrycot is suitable from birth to 9kg and features a flat mattress, rocking base, and protective apron. It attaches securely to the chassis.
  • Backpack - The Oyster 3 backpack offers multiple compartments to organize essentials. It includes a changing mat, chassis hooks, and stylish details.
  • Footmuff - This cozy footmuff coordinates with the Oyster 3 fabrics. It has a removable front zip section for temperature regulation.
  • Car Seat - The Oyster Capsule i-Size car seat accommodates infants 40-83cm and 0-13kg. It provides safety and comfort on journeys.
  • ISOFIX Base - The Oyster Duofix i-Size ISOFIX base offers optimum safety and stability when installing the Oyster car seat.
  • Ride-On Board - This attachable ride-on board provides space for an older sibling to stand and ride along. It folds away when not needed.
  • Seat Liner - Reversible seat liners in fur and quilted materials add warmth or ventilation to the seat unit.
  • Bottle Holder - This accessory enables attaching a bottle or travel cup to the chassis for easy access when on-the-go.
  • Parasol - The Oyster parasol connects to the chassis to provide shade coverage from the sun's rays.

What age is the Oyster 3 pram suitable for?

The Oyster 3 can accommodate children from birth up to around 3-4 years old. Its carrycot is suitable from newborn to 6 months, while the seat unit lasts through the toddler years as kids grow.

Does the Oyster 3 pram have suspension?

Yes, the Oyster 3 features suspension on all four wheels, especially the rear, to aid with shock absorption and a smooth ride over varied terrain.

What are the seat dimensions on the Oyster 3?

The Oyster 3 has generous seat dimensions of approximately 85 x 30 cm (length x width) based on our measurements during testing. This provides ample room as kids grow.

Can the Oyster 3 seat lie fully flat?

Yes, the Oyster 3's seat can recline to a near flat position, making it suitable for newborns and enabling comfortable napping as children grow.

Is the Oyster 3 suitable for overnight sleeping?

The Oyster 3 carrycot is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping. However, parents should follow safe sleep guidelines and use a separate crib for unsupervised overnight sleep.

How does the Oyster 3 differ from the Oyster 2?

Key upgrades in the Oyster 3 include a larger seat, higher seat height, bigger wheels, more storage, and an auto fold lock mechanism.

Is the Oyster 3 worth the price?

The Oyster 3 offers excellent value given its blend of comfort, convenience, adaptability and premium styling. Its quality and versatility make it a worthwhile investment.

Is the Oyster 3 a good quality stroller?

Yes, the Oyster 3 is known for its robust, durable engineering and long-lasting performance through years of family use. It delivers reliable quality.

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