Cosatto Wow vs Bugaboo Fox 5

The Cosatto Wow and Bugaboo Fox 5 are two excellent premium pushchairs loved by UK parents.
bugaboo fox vs cosatto
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But how do these models compare when it comes to design, features, maneuverability, foldability, and value for money? We break down the key factors in detail to see which pushchair prevails.

Feature/Category Winner
Style & Design Bugaboo Fox 5 🏆
Features & Accessories Cosatto Wow 🏆
Performance & Manoeuvrability Bugaboo Fox 5 🏆
Folding & Portability Draw 🏆
Longevity Bugaboo Fox 5 🏆
Value for Money Cosatto Wow 🏆
The Verdict It depends on individual priorities. For style and performance, Bugaboo Fox 5 stands out, while for value and accessories, Cosatto Wow prevails.

Quick Verdcit

the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Cosatto Wow both satisfy demands for quality, versatility, and modern styling. But the Fox 5 prevails if your top priorities are all-terrain performance, longevity, and tailored design customisation. Its unmatched maneuverability across varied ground surfaces makes it the ideal choice for active parents frequently on the go with just one child. However, if you seek outstanding value and accessories galore, the budget-friendly Cosatto Wow bundles everything you need. For affordable convenience with handy included features, the Wow can't be beaten. So choose the Fox 5 for versatility and performance or the Wow for value - either pram delivers an excellent experience.

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The Cosatto Wow is a bold, eye-catching travel system pushchair with a matching car seat. It comes in seven lively print designs featuring vibrant images like foxes, flowers and woodland creatures. The gender-neutral patterns coordinate with included accessories. The Wow converts from a lie-flat carrycot for newborns to an upright toddler seat. It retails for around £600.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 is an all-terrain pushchair that can be used from birth with a carrycot up to age four with the seat. It has puncture-proof wheels and advanced suspension to tackle varied terrain. Fully loaded, it sells for about £1,100.

While both deliver versatility for growing families, how do they compare across critical factors?

Style & Design

When it comes to aesthetics, the Cosatto Wow and Bugaboo Fox 5 take quite different styling approaches.

The Cosatto Wow makes a lively style statement with its striking prints featuring upbeat images like foxes, flowers and woodland creatures all set on a bold black background. The vibrant patterns are gender-neutral so suit boys or girls. The prints coordinate nicely with included accessories like the matching changing bag. For parents seeking a cheerful, eye-catching pushchair, the Wow delivers.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 embodies refined elegance with its streamlined aluminium chassis available in sophisticated muted neutrals like black and slate grey. The subtle colors exude modern chic. Parents can also fully customize the seat and canopy fabrics from 34 different colors to make it their own. The tailored silhouette and mix-and-match color options give the Fox 5 a bespoke, high-end aesthetic.

When comparing the styling of these two premium pushchairs, the Bugaboo Fox 5 stands out for its elegant versatility and customization. The muted color palette and mix-and-match elements enable parents to achieve a luxe, tailored look. So for contemporary sophistication, the Fox 5 prevails.

With its elegant versatility and customization options, the Bugaboo Fox 5 wins for refined modern chic styling.

Winner: Bugaboo Fox 5

Features & Accessories

When it comes to included features, the Cosatto Wow and Bugaboo Fox 5 take different approaches.

The Cosatto Wow bundles a host of handy accessories right out of the box for greater convenience. It comes complete with a matching changing bag, carrycot, seat unit and car seat adapters. So parents get everything they need in one purchase.

By contrast, the Bugaboo Fox 5 only includes the basics like a rain cover and underseat basket. To get the most functionality, parents need to purchase extras like the bassinet, car seat adapters, foot muff, cup holder and parasol separately. This can significantly increase the total cost.

For providing more value through included accessories right away, the Cosatto Wow saves parents time and money. The abundance of handy features bundled with the Wow make it a clear winner.

The Cosatto Wow has more included accessories than the Bggaboo Fox

Winner: Cosatto Wow

Performance & Manoeuvrability

When evaluating real-world performance, the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Cosatto Wow handle quite differently.

With its large all-terrain wheels and advanced suspension, the Bugaboo Fox 5 expertly handles varied ground surfaces with ease – from grocery store aisles to grassy fields. The redesigned chassis also steers smoothly in tight spaces. Whether strolling city streets or rural trails, the Fox 5 offers unmatched maneuverability and a comfortable ride.

The Cosatto Wow has basic wheels without robust suspension. As a result, it can't tackle rougher terrain nearly as well as the Fox 5. Gravel paths and uneven ground are bumpier in the Wow. However, its lightweight frame does make it easy to maneuver for everyday errands.

For versatility and exceptional performance across all types of terrain, the Bugaboo Fox 5 is the clear winner here.

With superior maneuverability across terrains, the Bugaboo Fox 5 prevails over the Cosatto.

Winner: Bugaboo Fox 5

Folding & Portability

When it comes to folding performance, the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Cosatto Wow offer comparable convenience.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 folds down easily in one-handed motions into a compact, self-standing package. At 10.4kg it's heavier than the Cosatto Wow which is 9.7kg. But the Wow fold is also tidy and swift thanks to an easy fold mechanism.

Both models can collapse down quickly for transporting in the car or storing at home. Their folding performance is on par.

Both the Fox 5 and Wow fold neatly and compactly.

Winner: Draw


A key consideration for any pushchair purchase is how long it will last as your child grows. Here the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Cosatto Wow differ significantly.

The Bugaboo Fox 5 can accommodate children up to around age four or 22kg maximum. Its seat even extends for extra leg room as needed. So it truly grows with your child.

The Cosatto Wow also lasts until approximately age four but has a lower weight limit of 15kg. This restricts its longevity compared to the Fox 5.

For providing extended use as your little one gets bigger, the Bugaboo Fox 5 is the winner.

With a higher weight limit, the Bugaboo Fox 5 prevails for longevity.

Winner: Bugaboo Fox 5

Value for Money

When evaluating the value these pushchairs offer, pricing is an important consideration.

With a price tag exceeding £1,000, the Bugaboo Fox 5 sits at the higher end for premium pushchairs. However, its unmatched quality, performance versatility across years make it a worthwhile investment.

The Cosatto Wow delivers outstanding value at around £600 for a full travel system bundle. It makes luxury accessibly priced.

Overall, the Cosatto Wow wins for providing exceptional quality and features at a reasonable cost, making it a budget-friendly option.

For price, the Cosatto Wow wins for providing quality at a lower cost.

Winner: Cosatto Wow

The Verdict

The Bugaboo Fox 5 stands out for its refined styling, smooth maneuverability across terrain, and longevity. But the Cosatto Wow prevails when it comes to included accessories and affordability.

The ideal pushchair depends on your priorities. For superior versatility and performance, the Bugaboo Fox 5 justifies its higher price tag. If you seek great value above all, the budget-friendly Cosatto Wow bundles everything you need.

Both satisfy demands for premium quality and adaptability. The Fox 5 is an investment, while the Wow provides convenience at a lower price point.

How does the Bugaboo Fox compare to the Bugaboo Donkey?

The main differences between the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Donkey are that the Fox is a single stroller while the Donkey converts from single to double mode. The Donkey expands width-wise to fit two seats side-by-side. It also offers more seating arrangements and bigger storage baskets. However, the Fox is lighter, more compact when folded, and more maneuverable as a single stroller.

How does the Bugaboo Fox compare to the Ocarro?

The Bugaboo Fox differs from the Ocarro in a few ways. The Fox has larger wheels and advanced suspension better suited for rougher terrain. It also folds more compactly and can be used from birth with a carrycot. The Ocarro folds neatly in one-piece with the seat attached but doesn't recline fully flat for newborns. However, the Ocarro offers greater value at a lower price point.

How does the Bugaboo Fox compare to the iCandy Peach?

The main distinctions between the Bugaboo Fox and the iCandy Peach are that the Fox has superior maneuverability across terrains while the Peach folds more compactly. The Fox's wheels and suspension provide a smoother ride on uneven ground. But the Peach is lighter at 12.9kg vs. 10.4kg for the Fox. Both recline flat for newborns and offer car seat compatibility.

How does the Cybex Gazelle compare to the Bugaboo Fox?

The Cybex Gazelle differs from the Bugaboo Fox in its ability to convert from a single to double stroller. The Gazelle offers over 20 seating configurations, while the Fox is single-seat only. However, the Fox has larger wheels and suspension for better maneuverability over rough terrain. Both provide smooth rides and recline fully flat for newborns.

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