iCandy Peach 7 vs Cybex Gazelle S

When investing in a high-end convertible pushchair, the iCandy Peach 7 and Cybex Gazelle S are two of the top contenders
iCandy Peach 7 vs Cybex Gazelle S
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But how do they compare across critical factors like seating options, foldability, maneuverability, and value for money? We break it down in this in-depth comparison...

Feature/Category Winner
Overview Gazelle S 🏆
Seating Configurations Cybex Gazelle 🏆
Folding & Portability Gazelle S 🏆
Maneuverability Gazelle S 🏆
Storage Capacity Gazelle S 🏆
Style Tie 🏆
The Verdict Gazelle S 🏆

Quick Verdict

For parents seeking a premium convertible pushchair, both the Cybex Gazelle S and Bugaboo Donkey 3 deliver versatility and luxury. But the Gazelle S prevails for its unmatched flexibility - with over 20 seating arrangements possible through integrated adapters, you can configure it to suit any needs. This modular system allows seamless switching between modes in seconds. So for superior versatility from twins to toddlers, the Gazelle S is the clear winner. However, the Donkey 3 can't be beaten when you need maximum rugged terrain handling and abundant storage hauling larger loads. Either model satisfies demands for quality and longevity. Choose the Gazelle S if versatility tops your list or the Donkey 3 if storage and maneuverability are priorities.

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The iCandy Peach 7 is the newest release from the iconic British brand known for sleek styling and functionality. It easily converts from single to double mode to accommodate growing families. The Peach 7 starts at around £1500.

The Cybex Gazelle S is a modular German pushchair with integrated adapters that enable over 20 configurations. It transitions seamlessly from single to double mode and starts around £800.

Both pushchairs provide versatility to suit parents' needs. But the Gazelle S offers unmatched flexibility, while the Peach 7 prioritises compact folding.

Winner: Gazelle S

Seating Configurations

The Cybex Gazelle S demonstrates exceptional versatility in its seating configurations thanks to built-in adapters. It seamlessly transitions from single to double mode in seconds, with over 20 possible arrangements.

Options include one or two bassinets for twins, infant car seats like the Cybex Aton, or the regular stroller seats in forward and rear-facing orientations. Seats can also be placed in upper and lower positions on the frame. Switching between modes is extremely smooth.

The iCandy Peach 7 transitions to a double pushchair by widening its aluminum frame outwards to make room for seats side-by-side. It comes in single, double and twin versions. Both seats can face backwards for sibling interaction. However, the Gazelle S has more overall flexibility.

With over 20 seating arrangements possible, the Cybex Gazelle S iis better because of it's versatility.

Winner: Cybex Gazelle

Folding & Portability

When used as a single, the Gazelle S weighs an easy-to-carry 15.5kg. In double mode, it weighs 20.5kg. The one-handed fold quickly collapses it into a compact, self-standing package.

The Peach 7 single weighs around 13kg, while the double is 15kg. It folds neatly in one motion but isn't as streamlined when seats are attached. However, a nice feature is it can stand freely when folded.

The Cybex Gazelle has better folding than the icandy Peach 7 due to its one-handed fold.

Winner: Gazelle s


Gliding on 10" rear wheels and 7" front swivels, the Gazelle S offers a smooth, enjoyable ride thanks to the advanced all-wheel suspension system. The bigger rear wheels provide effortless pushing.

With 10" rear and 7" front wheels, the Peach 7 also delivers a comfortable ride across sidewalks and park paths thanks to the suspension system and foam-filled tires. But the Gazelle S edges it out for all-terrain maneuverability.

The Cybex Gazelle S wins for superior maneuverability across varied terrain.

Winner: Gazelle S

Storage Capacity

The Gazelle S provides abundant storage with a sizeable 13kg underseat basket, plus a 10kg removable tote bag.

The Peach 7 offers a generous 10kg basket when used as a single. But there's no basket space when in double mode. For storage, the Gazelle S clearly wins.

With approximately 23kg total storage, the Cybex Gazelle S dominates for roominess.

Winner: Gazelle S


Both pushchairs offer sleek styling using high-quality fabrics and finishes. The Peach 7 comes in refined colors like olive, truffle and caviar with its signature rounded seats.

The Gazelle S has a polished chrome frame with contemporary streamlined seats in hues like lava grey, seashell beige and ocean blue. For modern aesthetics, it's a draw.

The Peach 7 and Gazelle S deliver equally sophisticated, fashion-forward style.

Winner: Draw

The Verdict

The Cybex Gazelle S wins out with its unparalleled versatility through over 20 configurations and abundant storage capacity. But the iCandy Peach 7 takes the lead for its slightly more compact fold.

For flexibility, the Gazelle S can't be beaten. But if tidy folding is a priority, the Peach 7 excels. Both are excellent premium convertible pushchairs. The right model depends on your family's needs.


How does the iCandy Peach compare to the Ocarro?

The iCandy Peach offers more versatility and accessories than the Ocarro. It converts to a double pushchair while the Ocarro is single only. The Peach also has a longer 5 year warranty versus 2 years for the Ocarro.

How does the iCandy Peach compare to the Egg2?

The iCandy Peach provides more seating flexibility, being able to convert to a double pushchair. The Egg2 is a single stroller. The Peach also folds more compactly and has a larger basket capacity. However, the Egg2 is lighter at 11kg versus 12.9kg for the Peach.

How does the Cybex Gazelle compare to the Oyster 3?

The Cybex Gazelle converts from single to double mode while the Oyster 3 is a single stroller. The Gazelle also has bigger wheels for better maneuverability over rough terrain compared to the Oyster 3.

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