Author Gemma Woolich

Gemma Woolich, a passionate entrepreneur and pram enthusiast, is the proud owner of, a platform dedicated to pram testing and sharing insightful reviews. At 38 years old, Gemma combines her professional pursuits with her personal life, residing in the vibrant city of Blackpool with her two beloved children. Her journey into the world of prams began with her own experiences as a mother, seeking the perfect balance of functionality, safety, and style for her children.

This quest ignited a passion in Gemma, leading her to establish The website serves as a comprehensive resource for parents, offering honest, detailed reviews and advice on a wide range of prams and strollers. Gemma's expertise in pram testing is not just a profession but a personal commitment to helping parents make informed decisions. Her hands-on approach to reviewing and her ability to connect with her audience's needs have made a go-to source for pram advice. In her free time, Gemma loves exploring the scenic beauty of Blackpool with her children, often testing the latest prams on various terrains.

Her love for prams extends beyond just functionality; she appreciates the design and technological advancements in modern strollers. Gemma's dedication to her family, her business, and her passion for prams makes her a respected figure in the parenting community. Her insights and reviews continue to guide parents in their journey, making a valuable and trusted resource.