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For nearly a century, iCandy has crafted the world's finest pushchairs, blending impeccable British heritage with cutting-edge innovation. As the leading British pushchair brand, iCandy creates prams designed to be as advanced as they are beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between the iCandy Peach and Core pushchairs?

The main difference is the placement of the handlebar. The Peach has a higher handlebar position compared to the Core's lower handlebar placement. This can make steering feel slightly different.

What are iCandy's core principles as a brand?

iCandy's four core principles are Quality, Innovation, Heritage and Style. These values drive their commitment to creating high quality, innovative pushchairs with a sense of heritage and timeless style. is limited.

Are iCandy pushchairs suitable from birth?

Yes, iCandy pushchairs come with a lie-flat carrycot suitable from birth up to around 6 months old or 9kg. The carrycot allows for overnight sleeping.

Are iCandy pushchairs good for city use?

iCandy pushchairs tend to offer good maneuverability and compact folds, making them suitable for navigating crowded city spaces.

Which offers better value for money the Peach or Core bundle?

The Peach bundle arguably offers better value with more accessories for a lower price point. But the Core is more innovative with features like the LED lights.

What age range is the Cybex Priam suitable for?

The Cybex Priam can be used from birth up to 4 years old, with a carrycot for newborns and a seat unit up to 17kg.

A little about iCandy

Both the iCandy Peach and Core pushchairs are generously sized to provide comfort from newborn through the toddler years. At around 12.9kg for the Peach and 12.6kg for the Core, these pushchairs are substantial without being overly heavy, making them suitable for navigating urban environments.

The Peach offers an extremely generous weight limit of 25kg in single mode, enabling use for children from birth through age 5. Both pushchairs provide multiple recline positions and adjustable calf rests to keep kids comfortable. All-wheel suspension and foam-filled tires on the Peach and Core ensure a smooth, cushioned ride over any terrain from cobblestone streets to park paths.

For parent convenience, the handles adjust across a range of 95-105cm on the Peach and 91.5-103cm on the Core to accommodate different heights. The famous one-hand fold on both models enables quick and easy folding, though both require seat unit removal before folding the chassis.

The Peach impresses with an extra-large 44 litre shopping basket able to hold up to 10kg - perfect for shopping trips or days out. The Core offers a generous 46 litre basket with the same 10kg capacity. Both open nice and wide for easy access.

When folded, the Peach chassis measures 70x61x29cm while the Core folds slightly more compactly to 69x54x21cm. Both feature a carry strap for convenient lifting and transportation. Overall, the Peach and Core offer the perfect blend of comfort, quality, innovation and versatility.