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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Donkey strollers?

The Bugaboo Fox and Donkey strollers share many similarities but have some key differences that matter depending on your needs. The biggest difference is that the Fox is a single stroller, while the Donkey has the versatility to convert from a single to double stroller with a few simple clicks. This can be a great option if you have two young children close in age or want flexibility for growing your family.

In terms of size, the Donkey is wider at 74cm unfolded compared to 60cm for the Fox. This added width allows it to accommodate two seats side-by-side, but does mean the Donkey is less nimble in tight spaces. When folded, the Fox is more compact and can self-stand, while the Donkey requires leaning against something.

The strollers also differ in their wheel size and suspension. The Fox has medium wheels optimized for urban, city terrain. The Donkey has larger wheels designed for all-terrain use, helping it tackle rougher surfaces, though it lacks suspension. Finally, the Donkey offers a slightly higher maximum weight capacity in the seat, accommodating children a bit longer.

So in summary, the Fox is more suited to a single child and city life, while the Donkey offers more flexibility to grow with your family while tackling more varied terrain. Choose based on your lifestyle and future needs.

Which Bugaboo stroller is easier to steer and maneuver?

The Bugaboo Fox is probably a bit nimbler and easier to steer single-handedly than the Bogaboo Donkey. Its medium sized wheels and compact unfolded width of 60cm make it very agile for navigating crowded city streets and stores. The larger Donkey Duo, at 74cm wide is still relatively maneuverable for a double stroller, but its heavier weight and bulkier frame mean it can't quite match the Fox's nimble navigation. However, the Donkey's larger wheels help it glide easily over rougher terrain. So for urban settings, the Fox has the edge, while the Donkey offers a bit more versatility.

How long will a Bugaboo stroller last as my child grows?

Bugaboo strollers are designed to last for years as your child grows from infant through the toddler and preschool years. The generous weight limits of around 22kg allow use from birth through age 4 or 5 years in most cases. Both the seat and bassinet are roomy enough to accommodate growing children. The versatility to use as a single or double stroller also extends usefulness for families. With Bugaboo's premium quality and craftsmanship, their strollers are built to stand the test of time.

Which is heavier the Bugaboo Donkey or the Bugaboo Fox?

When it comes to weight, the Bugaboo Fox is noticeably lighter than the Bugaboo Donkey. The Fox weighs just 10.42kg with the seat attached, while the heavier duty Donkey Duo comes in at 14.9kg. The Donkey's added weight comes from its more substantial frame and larger wheels needed to convert into a double stroller. This heavier weight may make the Donkey more difficult for some parents to lift in and out of a car trunk. However, when pushing, the Donkey's weight is balanced nicely so it doesn't feel too heavy or difficult to maneuver. The Fox's lighter weight makes it a bit easier to carry and manage. So the Fox gets the edge for portability, while the Donkey offers greater versatility.

What age are bugaboo strollers suitable for?

Bugaboo strollers are designed to last from newborn through the toddler and preschool years. The bassinets allow secure use for babies from birth. The toddler seats then accommodate children up to around 4 years old or 22kg. The seats can face both forward and towards the parent as your child's preferences change. So you can use a Bugaboo stroller for many years as your child grows. The Bugaboo Donkey may last a bit longer given its double stroller capability for growing families. But both the Donkey and Fox provide versatile use from infancy through the toddler years thanks to their durable craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

A little about Bugaboo

For over 20 years, Bugaboo has established itself as a pioneer in the premium stroller market, combining thoughtful design and engineering to create versatile pushchairs that grow with families.

Bugaboo strollers like the Fox 5 and Donkey 5 are known for their exceptional quality, comfort and ease of use. The sturdy chassis and all-wheel suspension provide a smooth and cushioned ride over any terrain, from city streets to park paths and even light off-roading. The famous one-hand fold enables quick and compact folding, while the adjustable handles accommodate parents of different heights.

The spacious bassinets are suitable for newborns with a generous weight limit up to 9kg. Breathable mattresses and extendable sun canopies allow baby to ride comfortably. As baby grows, the seat can be switched out for a multi-recline toddler seat facing parent or world. Generous weight limits of up to 22kg or more allow use well into the preschool years.

For parent convenience, the large underseat baskets hold plenty of essentials while out and about. The Fox offers up to 39L capacity, while the Donkey Duo holds an impressive 35L. Both open nice and wide for easy access.

While Bugaboo travel system strollers command premium prices, they offer exceptional versatility to adapt as your family grows. The sleek styling and myriad customization options allow parents to express their style. With thoughtful European design and engineering, Bugaboo aims to make parenting journeys more comfortable for both child and caregiver.