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When it comes to premium prams, two of the top contenders are the iCandy Peach 7 and the BabyStyle Egg 2. Both offer high-end styling, functionality, and versatility for growing families. But which one comes out on top? 

We've compared these two impressive prams across the key factors to help you decide. Read on for a detailed comparison review.

Quick verdict

While both prams present excellent options, offering a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, the iCandy Peach 7 slightly edges out the Egg 2 in our comparison, particularly excelling in design, manoeuvrability, and overall flexibility. It not only encapsulates a blend of timeless design and practicality but also ensures a comfortable journey for your little one from infancy through to toddlerhood. The Egg 2, however, could be your go-to if portability and compact storage top your priority list.

In our personal opinion, while the initial investment might be steeper with the Peach 7, the comprehensive features and adaptability it offers present a valuable proposition that could seamlessly fit into your family’s lifestyle and potentially serve you in the long run.

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Category Winner
Design & Appearance iCandy Peach 7 🏆
Weight & Folding Egg 2 🏆
Maneuverability & Handling iCandy Peach 7 🏆
Seat Comfort & Adjustability iCandy Peach 7 🏆
Car Seat Compatibility iCandy Peach 7 🏆
Features & Accessories iCandy Peach 7 🏆
Value for Money iCandy Peach 7 🏆
The Verdict iCandy Peach 7 🏆

Design & Appearance

The iCandy Peach 7 and Egg 2 feature stylish, contemporary designs using high-quality fabrics and materials. The Peach has a rounded shape with a deeper seat and comes in various fashionable colours like chestnut and caviar. We liked the classic iCandy styling and colour options. The Egg's defining feature is its egg-shaped seat, and it offers trendy colourways like all-black. One thing we noticed is the Peach 7 has more distinctive heritage styling. For looks, the Peach 7 wins for its iconic, heritage iCandy style.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

Weight & Folding

Despite its size, the Peach 7 is impressively lightweight at just 11.2 kg. The aluminum chassis and clever folding mechanism allow it to fold neatly into a compact package. We liked how easy it was to fold up the Peach 7. Impressively, the Egg 2 is even lighter at 9.9 kg. Its innovative elliptical folding system makes it slim, compact, and exceptionally easy to transport. One thing we really appreciated was how light and compact the Egg 2 folds. For portable convenience, the Egg 2 takes the lead.

Winner: Egg 2

Maneuverability & Handling

The Peach glides effortlessly thanks to its all-wheel suspension and foam-filled tires that absorb bumps exceptionally well. The handle is adjustable to accommodate parents of different heights. We loved the smooth manoeuvrability of the Peach 7. Meanwhile, the Egg has chunky foam tires and all-wheel independent suspension for a smooth, stable ride. Both handle well, but the Peach 7 offers slightly better control and manoeuvrability overall.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

Seat Comfort & Adjustability

The Peach's seat is well-padded with supportive side wings and can recline fully flat for newborns. For upright toddlers, the seat is taller with handy calf support. We appreciated the plush padding and adjustability of the Peach seat. The Egg 2 seat also reclines fully flat and has a cocoon-like design, but padding is thinner. Both allow seat unit reversibility. The Peach 7 offers better comfort and adjustability overall.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

Car Seat Compatibility

The Peach 7 allows you to convert the seat unit into a travel system to fit major infant car seat brands like Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, and BeSafe with adaptors. We liked the wide compatibility of the Peach with different car seats. The Egg 2 accommodates fewer car seat models but also works with Maxi-Cosi and Cybex seats. For flexibility with infant carriers, the Peach 7 is the winner.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

Features Accessories

Both prams come well equipped with handy features like adjustable hoods, roomy shopping baskets, and all-wheel suspension. The Peach 7 offers a carry cot option and coordinating accessories like parasols, foot muffs, and changing bags. We appreciated the abundance of accessories available for the Peach 7. The Egg 2 features more limited add-ons. For an all-in-one solution, the Peach 7 offers more flexibility.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

Value for Money

With prices starting around £999, neither model is cheap. But given the high-end design, excellent quality, and abundance of features, both provide good value at their price point. The Peach 7 costs slightly more but justifies it with more accessories and flexibility. We felt the Peach 7 was worth the extra investment. Overall it edges out the Egg 2 for best value overall.

Winner: iCandy Peach 7

The Verdict

While both are excellent premium prams, the iCandy Peach 7 takes the win with its iconic styling, unmatched maneuverability, and greater flexibility that make it an investment that can grow with your child. From newborn through toddlerhood, the Peach 7 has the comfort, features, and versatility parents need for the long haul. The Egg 2 puts up strong competition, but the Peach 7 is the superior pram overall.

Overall Winner: iCandy Peach 7


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