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Key factors analysed include the seating options, manoeuvrability, fold, storage, and accessories to help you determine if this versatile stroller is a suitable choice for your growing family. Read on for the full hands-on review of the acclaimed Cybex Gazelle S pushchair.


The Cybex Gazelle S is a versatile single to double stroller that can grow with your family. It offers over 20 configurations to accommodate one or two children from birth onwards.

Quick Verdict

The Cybex Gazelle S is the convertible stroller built for the way modern families grow. This adaptable pushchair effortlessly expands from single to double mode through integrated adapters that allow over 20 configurations.


The lie-flat seat ensures comfortable newborn use right from birth. This is the versatile, quality-engineered stroller designed to evolve with your family for years of use through toddlerhood and beyond.


The setup is always easy to switch around and takes seconds thanks to the adaptors being part of the frame. The fold is nice and compact for our small car. Manoeuvring feels smooth even loaded up with two kids. This stroller was worth every penny for the years of use we've gotten out of it and will continue to get.


If you desire a long-lasting stroller that evolves as your family expands, the Gazelle S is an excellent choice needing only one purchase from birth through the preschool years.


The Gazelle S has one full-size seat unit that can recline completely flat, making it suitable for newborns right from birth. The seat is well-padded and designed ergonomically to provide comfort. It has an adjustable calf rest and a 5-point harness for safety. You can purchase a second seat unit separately to convert the Gazelle S into a double stroller. Having two full-sized seats allows both children to ride comfortably when they are older. 


Cybex also offers cosy bassinets that attach to the chassis for newborn twins or children of different ages. The bassinets have ventilation windows and adjustable hoods to ensure babies stay comfortable. The Gazelle S is compatible with all Cybex infant car seats like the Aton, Cloud Q, and Anoris models when used with the car seat adapters. This allows you to seamlessly click the car seat onto the chassis without disturbing your sleeping baby's sleep. It's very convenient when you're on the go.

We loved how roomy and comfortable the seat was for toddlers. The multiple recline positions and adjustable calf rest provided is perfect place for relaxing or napping during our day out.


One of the Gazelle S's standout features is its incredible convertibility and versatility. It has integrated adapters within the frame that slide up and down or flip around to switch between configurations smoothly.


You can place one child in the upper or lower position and easily alternate between parent-facing and world-facing orientations. There are over 20 different modes to suit your needs.


Some key seating arrangements include:

  • One bassinet & 1 seat (great for twins)
  • Two seats front-facing
  • 1 seat front/1 seat rear-facing
  • Two seats rear-facing
  • One bassinet below & 1 infant car seat on top

Transitioning between setups takes just seconds with the Gazelle S. The integrated adapters make converting from single to double mode, or switching orientations, incredibly simple.

I loved the way the front wheels swivelled so effortlessly. It made the stroller very handy and allowed tight turns in small spaces. Maneuvering around obstacles was a breeze.

Folding & Standing

The Gazelle S folds down easily into a compact package using just one hand. To fold, lock the front wheels, press the handlebar button, pull the fold trigger, and push down. The fold is smooth, and the auto-lock clip keeps it securely closed. Unfolding is just as easy with the release of the auto-lock trigger.


A great convenience is that the Gazelle S can stand freely when folded. This allows you to store it neatly in tight spaces like hallways when not in use. The one-hand fold and standing capability make this double stroller surprisingly compact and convenient. The versatility of a large underseat basket and a removable tote bag was invaluable during my outings. I could organize and separate items easily.

What's included in the Cybex Gazelle travel system bundle?

  • Chassis
  • Seat unit
  • Carrycot
  • Footmuff
  • Cupholder
  • Car seat adapters
  • Car seat and ISOFIX base of choice

Wheels & Suspension

The Gazelle S rolls on large 10" rear wheels and 7" front wheels made from durable PU rubber. These air-filled tires absorb shocks and bumps thanks to the all-wheel suspension system. The ride felt smooth during testing across uneven sidewalks, gravel paths, and grass.


The front wheels swivel 360 degrees for excellent manoeuvrability and responsive steering. I could nip in and out of supermarket aisles with a wrist turn. Engaging the front wheel lock adds more stability when jogging or on rougher terrain.

Cybex Gazelle S


This stroller offers abundant storage space for all my baby essentials. The underseat basket is massive, with a 13 kg (30 lb) capacity. I could fit multiple diaper bags plus groceries easily.

There's also a removable shopping tote that attaches on top. This came in so handy for separating items and carrying extras. The storage options ensure I can take what I need when we're out.



The large SPF 50+ canopy provides exceptional sun, wind, and rain protection. My toddler stayed shaded and comfortable during walks. I love that it can extend almost fully over the seat with just one hand.

The mesh pop-out window gives both ventilation and a view of my child. Overall, the adjustable canopy does a fantastic job of guarding my child from the elements.



The Gazelle S brake is so easy and intuitive to use. I engage the toe-tap pedal brake next to the right rear wheel to stop the stroller from rolling. Releasing it is just as simple. The colour indicator changing from green to red provides helpful visual confirmation that the brake is on. This single-step parking brake gives me peace of mind that the stroller will remain stationary.



No need to hunch over with this stroller! The adjustable handlebar goes from 100 cm to 110 cm with a squeeze of the buttons. At 5'5", I found the perfect height for comfortable steering without back strain. The foam covering creates a soft grip. Pushing this stroller is a breeze between the multiple height options and ergonomic handle.


Whats the difference between he Cybex Gazelle and the Bugaboo Donkey?

The Bugaboo Donkey is wider and heavier than the Cybex Gazelle. In double mode, the Donkey weighs 32.8kg compared to 20.5kg for the Gazelle with 2 seats attached. The Donkey can also expand into a triple stroller, while the Gazelle only converts from single to double mode.


The Gazelle offers more versatility with over 20 possible seating configurations, while the Donkey has 8 positions. Both strollers have lie-flat seats suitable for newborns. When it comes to storage, the Donkey is hard to beat with two large 22kg capacity baskets. The Gazelle has one main underseat basket holding up to 13kg. 


The Donkey also features bigger wheels (12" rear, 10" front) for better all-terrain performance. The Gazelle S has 10" wheels. Finally, the Gazelle is more affordable, priced around £799 for a single stroller, compared to £1500 for a Donkey single.


Whats the difference between the Cybex Gazelle and the iCandy Peach?

The key distinction is that the Gazelle converts from a single to a double stroller, while the iCandy Peach 7 is a single-only. The Gazelle S starts at around £800 for a single while the Peach 7 costs about £1500.


The Gazelle seat lies completely flat allowing newborn use without a bassinet. The Peach 7 seat only reclines. The Gazelle is also compatible with Cybex infant seats directly, while the Peach 7 needs adaptors to fit most car seats. Finally, the Peach 7 weighs less than the Gazelle S at 12.9kg vs 15.5kg for a single seat.


Whats the difference between the Cybex Gazelle and the Bugaboo Donkey 3?

 The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is better when it comes to maneuverability, exceptional storage capacity, and customisation. Both strollers deliver an amazing experience with premium quality and performance.

Is Cybex Gazelle a good brand?

Cybex is a reputable premium brand known for high-quality, well-designed baby gear, including strollers. Their products are durable and have excellent safety ratings. The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is a good option that offers versatility to grow with your family.


What age is Cybex Gazelle for?

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller can be used from birth to around four years old. With the bassinet or infant car seat attached, it is suitable for newborns. The regular seat can accommodate children up to 48.5 lbs so that it can be used from toddler years up to around age 4.


Does the Cybex Gazelle lie flat?

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller seat can recline completely flat to allow newborns to lie comfortably. It has multiple recline positions, including near-flat, making the seat adaptable for babies from birth without requiring a separate bassinet.


Is CYBEX a high-end brand?

 Cybex is considered a high-end, premium brand in the baby gear market. Their products tend to be on the higher end of the price range. Still, they are well-designed and engineered for safety, comfort and longevity. Many of their car seats and strollers have won design awards.


Are Cybex car seats worth it?

 Cybex car seats are worth the investment for their advanced safety features and design. Cybex infant car seats like the Aton Q and Cloud Q provide unrivalled protection. Convertible seats like the Sirona S provide extended use to toddlerhood and beyond. Check out our guide to car seats for newborns.

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