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For parents seeking a versatile, compact stroller for life on the go, two of the top contenders are the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Joolz Aer.


Both of these lightweight strollers boast clever engineering to fold in a flash while still offering essential features for comfort and convenience.


But when it comes to choosing between the Bugaboo Butterfly and the Aer, which comes out on top? We've compared these stylish, compact strollers across all the key factors to help you decide which model best fits your family's needs.

Quick Verdict

The Bugaboo Butterfly, with its refined aesthetics, superior all-wheel suspension, adjustable handle, taller seat, and larger storage capacity, offers a blend of comfort and functionality that caters to growing children and ensures a smooth ride in daily usage.

 On the other hand, the Joolz Aer shines in portability with its incredibly compact, lightweight design and an eco-friendly option, making it a particularly appealing choice for frequent travellers and sustainability-conscious parents.

Choose the Joolz Aer if portability, compactness, and sustainability are your top priorities.

Opt for the Bugaboo Butterfly if you prioritise daily functionality, comfort, and a bit of extra storage and seating space.

Aesthetics and Design

Both the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz Aer sport sleek, contemporary styling perfect for modern parents. The Butterfly features a streamlined silhouette with curved lines and an ultra-compact profile when folded. Its 3 colour  options all pair a black chassis with muted, sophisticated hues.


The Joolz Aer also cuts a trim, minimalist profile but offers more colour personalization. Parents can select from 6 two-tone colour combos like Elegant Blue with Cortex Grey or Deep Black with Tan Leather. Those drawn to the Joolz's sustainability mission may prefer their "Recycled" fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.


For a greater variety of colours and a more refined look, the Bugaboo Butterfly takes the lead in design aesthetics. But the Joolz Aer offers eco-friendly style points.

Portability and Folding

When it comes to packing up neatly, both strollers excel. Each model folds in a quick one-handed motion to become super compact.


The Butterfly's clever fold collapses the frame down into a petite 45 x 23 x 54 cm. At just 6.5 kg, the Joolz Aer folds down even smaller and lighter to 53.5 x 45 x 21.5 cm.


For the most petite package and lightest carry weight, the Joolz Aer wins for portability. But both models conveniently tuck away in overhead bins, car trunks, and tight spaces.

Manoeuvrability and Handling

Their compact sizes don't hamper these strollers' smooth handling. Both roll easily into tight turns and spaces with their swiveling front wheels.


While the Joolz Aer weighs less, the Bugaboo Butterfly's foam-filled tires and superior all-wheel suspension better absorbs impacts from uneven sidewalks. Its telescoping handle provides a comfort grip for parents of different heights.


For its added suspension and adjustable handle, the Bugaboo Butterfly offers the best maneuverability experience.


Seating and Comfort

The Butterfly's seat dimensions of 45 cm wide by 63 cm high accommodate growing kids up to around 4 years old. Its tall seat back and adjustable leg rest cater to tall toddlers. The near-flat recline keeps children cosy.


While similarly padded, the Joolz Aer's seat sits a bit lower with less adjustability. But it can also be used in bassinet mode for newborns.


For seating flexibility as your child grows, the Bugaboo Butterfly's taller, adaptable seat wins for comfort.


Canopy Coverage

Both canopies provide UPF 50+ sun protection and feature zipped mesh inlays for extra airflow. The Butterfly's 4 panel canopy offers full seat coverage with a large peek-a-boo window.


The Aer's stylish canopy also provides adequate coverage from the sun's rays. Its slimmer shape may not block side sunlight as well.


With its larger dimensions, the Bugaboo Butterfly takes the lead in canopy coverage.


Storage and Accessories

The Butterfly's capacious spring-loaded basket impresses, holding up to 8 kg of baby gear and shopping items. The Aer's smaller 5 kg basket still fits essentials.


Each stroller accepts car seats and offers coordinating accessories, like foot muffs and cup holders. However, Bugaboo offers a wider selection of accessories to customise the experience.


For its more expansive storage and accessory options, the Bugaboo Butterfly wins for functionality.


The Verdict

For travel-focused flexibility, the Joolz Aer's incredibly compact, light folding design makes airport travel or stashing in tight spaces easy. Its eco-friendly design also appeals to sustainability-minded parents.


With its taller seat, bigger basket, and ultra-smooth handling, the Bugaboo Butterfly better accommodates growing kids while tackling daily life's ups and downs. Its refined styling suits fashion-conscious parents.


While both strollers have their perks, choosing the right one depends on your priorities. Frequent fliers and city dwellers may gravitate toward the Joolz Aer's packable portability. Bigger families needing everyday function may prefer the Bugaboo Butterfly's expanded cargo room and seat comfort.


Whichever slick stroller you choose, you can feel confident your child will ride in sleek style. These lightweight strollers both deliver on-the-go convenience without compromising luxury touches and patented engineering that makes parenting duties a breeze.

Gemma Woolich

Gemma Woolich

Gemma, a mother of two and the business owner of Prampicks.co.uk, shares her 12 years experience of parenting and her passion and research on prams and baby tech. As the sole author, she provides valuable insights and reviews for other parents